contents I'll note you in my book of memory. -- Shakespeare, Henry VI  

23 (980711 to 990711)

I think wiping the slate clean can be very cleansing. I do it on occasion.

I've been mulling in my brain when the best time would be to wipe the slate clean again. It dawned on me.

My birthday.

I started my journal to record my 23rd year. I did it, with a few ups and downs and I'm very proud of it. Now, I am 24 and I needed a new, fresh start. I've got a new home. I've got new independences.. new responsibilities.. new neighborhood. It was time for a new start.

I reflected on if I would just delete this stuff. I decided against it. Instead, I decided that would just keep them all here as a record. Share and enjoy.

October 1998
Fifteen -- A new beginning
Sixteen -- What's love got to do with it?
Seventeen -- Another new beginning
Eighteen -- An apple a day... Warning: image intensive!
Nineteen -- She's a bleeder! Warning: image intensive!
Twenty -- The Westing Game
Twenty two -- Hair today, gone tomorrow.
Twenty three -- Today in the news...
Twenty five -- Fall back, spring forward! Warning: image galore!
Twenty seven -- Breathe out
Twenty nine -- I'm walking after you.

Foo Fighter The Colour and the Shape review.
Thirty -- Girl's Night Out Warning: image intensive!
Thirty one -- Happy Samhain!
Metajournals Article -- Interconnected lives...

November 1998
Two -- The Oxford English Dictionary
Four -- I want my.. I want my.. I want my TV!
Five -- Sleeping Beauty
Six -- Being a Social Butterfly Image intensive!
Seven -- Books, books and more books The Professor and the Madman review
Eight -- How many do you have? Image intensive!
Nine -- Don't Marry Her
Eleven -- Raw Meat
Twelve -- I, Door. Neverwhere review
Fourteen -- Sex and Bowling
Sixteen -- Preserved Critics & Leonids
Seventeen -- Flesh as Canvas Image intensive!
Eighteen -- Metaphor for Life
Twenty -- Dreaming and Death
Twenty one -- Fluxx, Fluxx, Baby!
Twenty three -- Domain Names, Romance, and Patch Adams
Twenty five -- There goes my hero, he's ordinary
Twenty six -- Hey, it's Turkey!
Twenty seven -- Ashokan Farewell

December 1998
One -- Friends, Old and New
Two -- To the pain...
Three -- Beautiful women and bisexuality
Four -- We've got the signal!
Five -- Aliens and Insects A Bug's Life review
Metajournals Article -- Interconnected lives...
Seven -- Mix 'n' Match
Ten -- Weakness and Song
Eleven -- Today is a Holiday
Thirteen -- Anglophiles 'R' Us
Fourteen -- Heavenly Awards
Fifteen -- Song II
Sixteen -- Work Hard, Play Hard Image intensive
Seventeen -- Flying...
Eighteen -- Sticks and Stones
On Display December Collaboration
Twenty -- Leavin' on a jet plane
Twenty One -- Churnin', churnin', churnin'
Twenty three -- The Virtual of Selfishness
Twenty five -- Holiday Rituals Image intensive
Twenty seven -- The Hermit
Twenty nine -- Technicolor!
Thirty -- Big Rocks
Thirty one -- And in the end... Image intensive

January 1999
Two -- Everything Changes...
Metajournals Article -- Interconnected lives...
Four -- Meta...
Four -- Part Two
32 Flavors -- January Collab
Six -- Third time's a charm
Seven -- On Display January Collab Image intensive
Eight -- Praise for a peer
Nine -- The Bard is My Muse
Thirteen -- The Beast Within
Eighteen -- Ugh.
Nineteen -- Hark! Er.. Harp!
Twenty one -- A taxi, a room, two memories, some hair, a professor, a planet, and me Image Intensive!
Twenty two -- O oysters, come and walk with us! Image intensive!

Feburary 1999
One -- Life is Beautiful Good
Three -- Colors from a Japanese Painting Image intensive!
Four -- Pirates of Silicon Valley
Six -- She's legal, baby! Semi-image intensive
Seven -- Let them eat cake Image intensive
Eight -- The Pre-Game Show
Ten -- Death Row
Twelve -- On True Love
Thirteen -- Off to war
Fourteen -- Going up when Mike gets me his version of the day
Seventeen -- Yogurt Commercials and Lots of Lovin'
Twenty three -- Lust
Twenty five -- Love, Love Changes Everything
Twenty six -- Happiness is a Warm Gun

March 1999
Flower and Willow

Digital Diva

Nine -- Back to Work
Ten -- ART
Twenty two -- The Side Man

April 1999
One -- April Fools... NOT!
Two -- The Red Pill
Three -- What? Again?
Eight -- The Battle of Brazil
Ten -- One, Two, Three Times A Lady... Image Intensive
Thirteen -- Taxes and Coincidences
Fifteen -- Go
Sixteen -- Danger, Will Robinson!
Seventeen -- Adventures in Dining
Twenty -- The Lion in Winter
Twenty one -- Chicago, Colorado, and Murder
Twenty two -- Bride of Frankenstein
Twenty three -- Pi
Twenty four -- Cube
Thirty -- Flashback! wordgoddess collab

May 1999
Seven -- Morpho eugenia
Ten -- Remembering...
Eighteen -- Reflections
Nineteen -- Sike!
Twenty -- Top Five
Twenty one -- A Day Out Extremely image intensive
Twenty nine -- The Great Swamp Extremely image intensive
Thirty -- Death to...
Thirty one -- The Thirteenth Floor

June 1999
One -- Everybody's doin' it!
Two -- Hinterlands
Three -- Electioneering
Four -- The Early Bird
Five -- Take me out to the ball game
Six -- A Midsummer Night's Dream
June/July -- On Hiatus Image Intensive

July 1999
Four -- The American dream

© Copyright 1999 Eileene Coscolluela