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You need a full cup to help others. If you don't take care of yourself, then you can't take care of others. This is the hero syndrome. The true hero gives when their cup is full.

Sacrifice and service are not the same word. Service does not mean servile.

On perfectionists:
The outside world needs to reflect perfection to tell you that you are okay.

All from Oprah. I agree with a lot of it, especially the perfectionist part. I should become a recovering perfectionist. Learn to accept myself as is.


The Mighty Kymm
She's a favorite read for me. I love her snippets of life. She gives a good taste of "life in the city", although I recently discovered that she is a fellow Jerseyite! I made graphics for her website. Tell me what you think.. or if you want me to make graphics for you too.

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January 18, 1999

Eileene and A Glass of Water
I'm sick and tired of not getting to writing down a complete journal entry from my notes that I decided to just start writing about today and put out two journal entries today. This one and January 8ths. I will put out one old entry every time I put up a new one. Thus let it be written, so let it be done!

Anyway, I spent most of the day in bed. I woke up this morning with a terrible stomach ache. Awful. My first thought was that I could go and eat something and everything would be fine. I climbed out of bed, wrapped my green robe around me, and walked into the kitchen.

I had absolutely no appetite.

Just looking at food made me feel ill. My mom was in the kitchen and I told her that my tummy was aching badly. I didn't have the energy to get back to my room, so I nestled into the large leather chair in the livingroom. I noticed my left wrist was rather cold and slightly achy. I was in for a miserable morning. Cold wrists are a clear symptom that my joint pain was going to come back again. I feel that it's been occuring more frequently. I tuned everything out for several minutes and the pain seemed to subside. Then the morning activity picked up again and so did the pain. Argh.

I informed my parents that I was going to stay home from work, call in sick, and if I felt better in the afternoon, go in then. I promised I would call the doctor (which I have a tendancy of not doing because I don't want to deal with them unless absolutely necessary) and talk to him about what's up.

Taking one last look around the kitchen and finding I decided to walk down to see Mike and I completely crashed on the bed. I spewed my complaints to him as he sat by me, massaging my left wrist. After a while, Mike got up and started collecting his things to start working on his job-hunting. I told Mike that I wasn't going to work and that's the last thing that I really remember. I fell straight asleep and had no dreams.

When I awoke, my stomach still hurt, but I felt that I had some appetite. Cheese, my brain told me. You want the cheeeeeese. So, I had some riccotta on crackers and water. That was the key. It filled my stomach up easily without making me ill. My wrist still hurt, however. One down, one to go.

I went to my room. It was rather late and I still didn't call in for work. I opted to pop it into the schedule database, so I quickly logged online and added it to the database. Knowing that Mike could receive a call for an interview any minute, I logged off and climbed into bed. I wrapped my wrist with my comforter and allowed sleep to take me again.

I awoke when Els, Jean and Ashley (both members of Accent) came home. I cooked them lunch (garlic and oil). After lunch, I realized my wrist pain was gone. Despite, I made an appointment with Dr. Jassie to try and get to the bottom of my wrist pain. It's wrong to have something for 15 years and not get to the bottom of it. So, I've got a 7:45pm appointment for January 28th. Doctors make me revert back to my childhood. I don't wanna go.

Kymm's Graphics

Kymm's background
Kymm's background image
Just the edge. I found a beautiful heartshape in my copyright-free clip art and ran with it. I used it as the edge border for the background.

Kymm's title
Kymm's title graphic
Shrunk a bit. I liked the fact that the heart-shape is repeated in the Queen of Hearts card. I thought that would be appropriate for her. She is, after all, Mighty.

Kymm's icon
Kymm's icon
What would be more appropriate for an icon than a small version of the signature heart?

Kymm's line
Kymm's line
Ok. I tried very hard to get this really pretty rose into the title design... or the background. No can do. So, I made it into the line. I'm not sure if it will look awkward in the entire design scheme... but I thought it looked cute and I couldn't resist not using it.

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