I'll note you in my book of memory. -- Shakespeare, Henry VI  

April 2000
Eight -- a zed & two naughts
Six -- White-Out

March 2000
Twenty nine -- and always know where your towel is.
Twenty eight -- Twenty Questions
Twenty six -- Crumbs Under the Kitchen Table
Twenty one -- The Society of Red Beads
Seven Stroke B -- Abbreviated Day
Seven -- Just a few more questions...
Six -- The Head of Vecna
Four Stroke B -- Not a Saturday
Four -- The Rulz, The Iko Version
One -- In Midair

February 2000
Twenty nine -- An Extra Day
Twenty eight -- The Avengers!
Twenty seven -- Hair and Virgins
Twenty six -- Digital Destiny
Twenty five -- The Green Mile
Twenty four -- I Try
Sixteen -- ...and then she burst into song.

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