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    The Online Journal Webring
  Open Pages
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Open Pages
This is the largest ring of online journalists. This is also one of the first journal rings that I joined. I guess I'm using it as a beacon to let everyone know that, hey, I'm here!

    Online Community Webring

These are the webrings that are more than a webring: they are an online community. We collaborate together by writing on interesting topics. Membership in these organizations is a cherished thing for me. One, they have welcomed me with open arms and two, their required participation helps make their membership devoted to the craft of online journalling.

  On Display
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On Display (9 Oct 98)
This was originally just a webring, but its webmistress Elizabeth has decided to take the group to another level.I love being part of this community. I helps me grow a great deal creatively..

  The Mandelbrot Set
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The Mandelbrot Set (20 Dec 98)
I was invited by Ginko to join this wonderful webring. The participation for the collaborative things is voluntary, but I am planning on being an active member of this ring. They also have something called the "Hall of Mirrors" where you can post a current image (or artwork). Thank you very much to Ginko for inviting me to be in such wonderful company.


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Illumine (7 Feb 99)
This is an extremely small webring that has a focus on quality writing. I hope that by being a member of this extremely small group, I can help find my voice and make great friends in this tiny community. When I first started looking at joining webrings, my focus was to increase my audience. Now, I'm looking at webrings like this as a vehicle by which I can express myself and grab hold of My Voice.


Tabloid Dreams
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Tabloid Dreams (10 Mar 99)
I stumbled into this cute little webring. There was just something about the name of this group that really appealled to me. So, I joined. I also like the member list of the group. A number of good ones.


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WordGoddess (29 Mar 99)
I was invited by the ringmistress heather of more.than.this. Wow. I am now a proud member of this little all-female webring.


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Fusion (4 Apr 99)
Elizabeth, the original creator of On Display started a new webring for experimental journals. I had decided to start being a bit more experimental with my own journal. I came to the conclusion that my life does not just consist of daily events, but of thoughts. Ideas. Emotions. I try to capture all of these fleeting things.

    Journal 'Burbs/Lists

These aren't webrings. They are lists of journals that either share a common interest or are categorized in a specific way.


Fen Journals
I maintain this journal 'burb which is supposed to be a listing of science fiction fans. It's a low maintenance thing and I don't mind maintaining it, especially since I got to do the site design for it. <grin>


Best Years of Our Lives
A 'burb that lists journals by their high school graduation date. Maintained by Steve Brumbaugh.


A list of online journalists that include a new picture of themselves with every entry.


The Diary Registry
On, it's the largest listing of online journals. Even larger than Open Pages.


Where All the Journals Are
A geographical listing of journalists. I'm under Eastern Standard Time in the US.


The Keirsey Tempraments of on-line journallers
A listing of online journalists by their Keirsey Profile (I'm iNTj), their journal name, their gender, and their astrological sign (I'm a Cancer).


What Do They Do? (9 Jan 99)
The Journaler Jobs 'Burb. It lists what we do for a living. I've labeled myself as "Web Developer & Programmer / Freelance Web Designer". Whew! Definitely a mouthful.


the Notable Quotable (22 Jan 99)
A 'burb for those of us that have a "quote" or "thought" of the day. My "Perspectives" section of each entry is that. Many times I quote a favorite song or saying. Sometimes, I put in an intimate portrait of my thoughts.

  Tell Me, Dammit!

Tell Me, Dammit! (7 Feb 99)
This journal 'burb is for people who have notification lists (like myself). It's run by Amanda Page who is a very all-round cool femina. I handle my notifications list by myself and I like that personal direct interaction that I have with each of my Constant Readers.

    Mailing Lists

These are the mailing lists that I'm a member of. This is why I have tons of email all the time. <grin>


This is a mailing list for people who keep journals, both online and offline. I love the discussion we have here and I'm the keeper of We(d)n(e)sday Question du Jour where every Wednesday, I pose an interesting question to the group. Some people criticize the list of being too sacchrine. I don't think it necessarily is. I just think that we have a great deal of respect for each other and we're willing to be very honest without being nasty and offensive.


The Diary List
The online journalist mailing list. This is the big one where we talk about anything and everything. Sometimes it gets a bit nasty, but I keep subscribed to keep up-to-date with the happenings of the online journal community.


Journals mailing list
A list for on-topic online journal discussion. Moderated. I'm very new to it, so I don't know what to expect of it yet.

    Other Stuff

These are things that don't fall into the above categories.

  I'm Cooking!

Online Journallers Cookbook
I contributed the wonderful pearl onion recipie that I served for Thanksgiving to the cookbook. I hope that other onion lovers will find it as wonderful as I do! Perhaps I should stick in my simple-as-boiling-water pasta recipe? Hmm..

    Places of the Past

These are the webrings and groups that I used to be a member of. These places are wonderful with great people and I encourage everyone to join them.

  Chapter Two

Chapter Two (2 Sep 98 - 7 Feb 99)
A webring devoted to new or relatively unheardof journals. This was one of the first rings that I joined. Now that my journal is no longer unknown, I decided to leave the ring. However, I shall "never forget where I came from". Number 243, signing out.



Storytellers (3 Jan 99 - 20 Feb 99)
Chel, the keeper of this webring, has seemingly left the journalling culture (amid a great deal of tension). It is continuing on in the form of Storytellers II, but I decided to move on to other webrings. #36.


32 Flavors [crunchy]

32 Flavors (1 Jan 99 - 1 Apr 99)
On December 18th, Bronwyn invited me to join this heavy-participation community webring. On January 1st, I became an official part of the ring. What a way to usher in 1999! I have been designated "crunchy" as "for those journals that you get so sucked into, are in-depth and full of content". Bronwyn decided to close the ring, unfortunately. Thank you for a wonderful experience, Bronwyn. Number 23, never forgetting.

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