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Twenty Questions

What is the longest relationship you've been in?

My current one.

Mike and I have been together since fall of 1993. We met my freshman year in college, my second week of college, at the Japanese Animation Club. He caught me glancing at him glancing at me.

What kind of car do you drive?

Mike has a car but I don't drive it because it is manual transmission. I typically borrow one of my parents' car, either a Toyota Camry station wagon or a Nissan Maxima (four door). My parents keep telling me that the Maxima is "my car", but I don't really want the responsibility of a car just yet.

What kind of pets do you have?

I have two frogs in a bowl. They are named frog one and frog two, whichever comes to the surface first when I feed them.

toilet paper: over or under?


The paper tears easier that way than if it is under.

cheesecake or chocolate cake?


But I'll give it all up for a tiramisu.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee: with cream and lots of sugar and white bread which I dip.

Tea: with lots of sugar with scones and clotted cream.

Caffeinated or decaf?

I prefer caffeinated, but with my recent bad insomnia, I would have to take decaf. However, with the amount of sugar and cream/milk I put in my coffee, it probably doesn't matter and I wouldn't taste the difference (between caff and decaf) that people report decaf has.

PC or MAC?


How many computers are in your house?

Right now, only two. Mine and mine (known affectionally as Mike's since I don't use it and it is in his study). Sometime this summer, I will have three.

And they will be networked.

When you look out a window, what exactly are you looking for?

One of two things.

One: if it is sunny or not. I dislike bright sunshine. My eyes don't like the light and find it hurts a lot. When it is exceptionally bright and clear, I tend to put down all the shades and windows in the house. The sun is a harsh mistress.

Two: if it looks like rain. I love rain. I love leaning my head against rain-cooled glass and hearing it pitter patter on the rooftops. I love feeling the gentle vibrations of the glass, whether it be the rain or a trembling wind. I especially love thunder and lightning. It's nature's orchestra and she plays wonderful music.

What was the last movie you watched and did you like it?

Fantasia 2000. On an IMAX theater.

In a word: no.

In more than a word: It wasn't what I expected. I expected tour de force! Fantasia was made in 1940. Sixty years ago. And the animation on some of the original far exceeds some stuff they do now! I wanted innovation. Instead, the combined CG and traditional animation screens are terrible (they do a better job in Beauty and the Beast in integrating the two). The images aren't as powerful or evocative. Or experimental. I felt like I've seen it all before. So, I was disappointed.

Especially for a 75 minute film for $12.

What was the last driving ticket you got?

About 6 years ago. My one and only. Driving 40 in a 25 MPH road because I was following the car in front of me, matching their speed.

Sleep nude or no?


I hate things wrapping around my neck. I feel like I'm choking. So I can't sleep well with anything that has a collar that can bunch up when I sleep (I thrash around a bit in my sleep). I'll wake up clawing at my neck, terrified.

Do you smoke?

Crikey, no!

Have you ever bought anything online?

Yes. Tons of things. Books. CDs. DVDs. Hotel rooms. No plane tickets or groceries, but I might someday soon.

Have you ever sold anything online?

No, unless you count trying to find a boyfriend online (selling myself as available).

what was the worst place you ever lived?

Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall in the University of Illinois campus. It was an all-women's dorm and the floor above us was 'no visitation' floor, meaning no men (no fathers, brothers, boyfriends, classmates, anyone) was allowed on the floor. I lived there for two months and moved to...

What was the best place you ever lived?

... Allen Hall, the most liberal dorm on campus where the third floor was essentially a pot-smoking house. Atleast once a week, I would sleep in my best friend (male)'s room as a "sleepover". My sophomore year, groups of us would sleep in piles in someone's room, sometimes three of us sharing a bed for one. I loved it.

I love living with Mike now in our large apartment. But we've only been here a short time. It doesn't have the memories yet. I'm sure this place will be one of the best places I have lived in a few years.

sunflower seeds - eat the shell or not?

Depends if I'm in a lazy mood or not. Typically out of the shell.

what was the last book you read and did you like it?

The last book I finished reading was Survivor. I loved it.

The last book I touched was Understanding Parliment. I'm loving it.


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