I'll note you in my book of memory. -- Shakespeare, Henry VI  

February/March 2000

January 2000
Thirty one -- The Magic Mirror Gate
Thirty -- Traumnovelle: Ghost in the Machine
Twenty five -- Between a Rock and a Cold Place Image Intensive

December 1999
Eighteen -- Games and Green Things
Sixteen -- Underwear, The IPO, and Blood and Smoke
Fifteen -- Movies, Part II
Fourteen -- Electioneering
Thirteen -- Sleeping Beauty

November 1999
Thirty -- To Sleep, Perchance to Dream (On Display)
Twenty seven -- New York, New York! Image Intensive
Twenty six -- Gobble gobble gobble
Twenty four -- There and Back Again
Twenty three -- Odds and Ends, especially American Psycho
Twenty one -- American Psycho, Halfway
Twenty -- Such a perfect place to start
Nineteen -- Unfinished Tales
Eighteen -- Soul Foods
Thirteen -- Shall we walk?
Twelve -- Confessions of a Glam Artist
Eleven -- Apple Picking in Autumn Image Intensive
Ten -- But that's another story
Nine -- A Rubix Cube gathers no...
Eight -- Write, Dangit!

September and October 1999
September Thirty -- For No One (On Display Collab)
October Thirty -- Twin Peaks, revisited (On Display Collab)

August 1999
Thirteen -- A Less Goofy Lookin' Girl
Fourteen -- The Look... (or, Revisiting My Stalking Days)
Fourteen -- The Journallers Do New York, Part I
Fourteen -- The Journallers Do New York, Part II
Sixteen -- Another day, another journal
Eighteen -- Movin' Right Along
Twenty two -- Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Twenty three -- Red Tape and Family Secrets Image Intensive
Twenty four -- Regret (On Display Collab)
Thirty -- Photo Hunt (Mike Lake Guest Entry)

July 1999
Eighteen -- Happy Hearts and Smiling Faces
Nineteen -- Jawbreaker
Twenty -- Hey, we're movin' on up
Twenty-two -- Simulacra and Simulation
Twenty-seven -- I Desire (On Display Collaboration)

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