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Hey, we're movin' on up

Iko at WorkMy monitor has moved up in the world. Whenever I am working at the computer, I have to look up at it now, which is a bit awkward and takes some getting used to. From what I understand, this is really bad placement for the monitor (your eye level should hit the top of the monitor... in my case, eye level hits the bottom of the monitor so I have to crane my neck up in the illustrated position). Then again, most of my computer working habits are bad... but hard-headed and won't change them.

I wore my Night Must Fall shirt today and my Blair Witch Pin (going on ebay for atleast twice what I paid for mine). I decided to wear the shirt because yesterday, I received a lovely package in the mail from my order for a copy of the out-of-print Night Must Fall by Emyln Williams.

Night Must FallDoesn't the book look lovely? It's an old book since Night Must Fall has long since been out of print. I enjoyed the play enough to get it so I can "rewatch" the play in my head. I might start doing this with all the plays that I watch that are good. My play collection has slowly been growing. The Blue Room, The Side Man, The Lion in Winter and Amy's View are part of my recent aquisitions. I'm looking forward to receiving the original Schnitzler play that The Blue Room is based on. I've ordered it (along with Simulacra and Simulation) from It is entitled Hands Around. The round. It's an interesting way of putting the sexual connections that tie one partner to the next. I wonder how many degrees of separation it is theoretically...

Moviefemme strikes again!

Little VoiceLast night, I saw Little Voice (the official site is very well done, by the way. Check it out). It was an extremely charming movie and I thought the acting was superb. I would like to have seen the play, to see Ms. Jane Horrocks perform live on stage would have been aweing. I didn't care for the fact that they just showed snippets of her performances. I wish they showed more of it.. and more of her face and expressions. She's a great impressionist and they didn't capitalize on it as much as I wanted them to.

Ewan MacGregor was deliciously charming and naive. I've seen a great deal of acting range from him and I think he's a superb actor. I am looking forward to following a long and fruitful career for him. Brenda Blethyn is deliciously nasty and her character was very different from the one I saw in Secrets and Lies (another fabulous movie that I would heartily recommend). Michael Caine was also devilishly nasty, although I thought his tirade at the end of the film was a bit too much for my taste.

I think I enjoyed the film because I sympathized with Little Voice. A quiet, introverted-type of creature who has an unusual medium for self expression. I wanted to be in the film with her and hug her to make her feel better and shield her from the nastiness of her mother and her cruel boyfriend. I also felt bad for the mother too... she seems like someone that never learned to appreciate the small things in life and has given hedonism a bad name. Oh, and I also like thinking about some sweet, innocent fellow like Billy (Ewan MacGregor) would take a fancy to me. Someone that I could be the apple of their eye. Heh, another good reason why Mike is good for me. We are the apple of each other's eyes.

News from Corporate America

That promotion I told you about is going to start making me pay.

I got the hint today from Karen (our Vice President, head of Consulting) that I'm going to be Senior Associate for a small project coming my way.

I'm moving on up, and I've got mixed feelings about it. I'm terrified that I'll mess up somehow, but at the same time, I'm confident that I have superb skills that will take me places.

A Parting Excerpt

(Hey, do these titles work for you? What's your opinion on them? Should I do them more like Rob does?)

Night Must Fall is a psychological thriller -- a plunge into the arrogant machinations of a cold blooded murder. Olivia is a subdued woman in her late twenties that discovers the murderer's identity. An excerpt from Night Must Fall after she discovers that there has possibly been a murder.

OLIVIA: Well, we woke up this morning, thinking, "Here's another day." We got up, looked at the weather, and talked; and here we all are, still talking... All that time... All that time... there may be something... lyring in the woods. Hidden under a bush, with two feet just showing. Perhaps one high heel catching the sunlight, with a bird perched on the end of it; and the other -- a stockinged foot, with blood... that's dried into the openwork stocking. And there's a man walking about somewhere, and talking, like us; and he woke up this morning, and looked at the weather... And he killed her...

P.S. Stay tuned for more adventures of Genera Plantarum. It's coming back!

Images from Little Voice © Miramax
Text from Night Must Fall © Emlyn Williams
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