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New York, New York!

Mike and Els

"Objects in the rearview mirror may appear closer than they are"

I love this photograph. Els took it from the back seat of the car when I stopped by a bank to pick up some money for the day. You can see Els in the rearview mirror of the car with Mike reading in the front seat.

I took Els and Ann Sophie around NYC in exchange for my ma and pa hunting off for my DVD player. I told my father a few weeks ago that I'm interested in purchasing a DVD player and that I would like him to give me some recommendations: what he tells me, I'll buy it as long as it is less than $500. Even better would be if they could do some leg-work for me and actually buy the darned thing and I would pay them back, plus "interest" in some form. They opted for me to take the two college students to all the hip places in the city and I agreed. I managed to drag Mike around with me too. They gave me the car so I could drive around the city instead of take public transportation. It was a wise decision: we spent much less on getting around ourselves and a lot less hassle than if we did the public transportation route.

Fifth Avenue Collection


"Cartier, in Red and Gold"


"Take a Taxi to Armani"

St. Patrick's Cathedral

"Reaching the Heavens"

Fifth Avenue Series taken by Els

I compiled a list of the various places that they wanted to go and plotted a route through Manhattan for one day. I wanted to stop in at Rockerfeller Center, one of those must visit places for tourists and people who haven't been to NYC before, but since they wanted to do so many things down in the village, I opted for a drive-through instead.

We drove up 8th Avenue to Columbus Circle and skirted the West side of Central Park until the seventies when we cut across the park. They wanted to check out the park, perhaps stop in at Strawberry Fields (I've never been there) but we really didn't have the time. When we got to the East side, I took Fifth Avenue back down to midtown. I drove as slow as I could without attracting too much attention to myself so that Els and Ann Sophie could take in all the sights of Fifth Avenue.

The second good decision that I made that day was to not attempt to walk down Fifth Avenue. The sidewalks were packed with people, holiday shoppers and tourists all taking advantage of the post-Thanksgiving sales. We looked for the big tree, but it wasn't lit yet. The crowds were the busiest I have ever seen Fifth Avenue.

Pomme FritteOur first stop was in the East Village at Pomme Fritte. Mike and I have been touting these wonderful fries for a long time and we decided that they would enjoy partaking. Plus, this was a "lunch" for us.

It looked like we were one of the first customers of the day. The fries weren't as good as I remember them being. Probably that could be because we were the first customers of the day. I had them pose for the photograph.

Blue Building

"Blue Building"

Els took this picture of Ann Sophie on St. Marks Place. Pretty.

We went up to St. Marks Place (one block north of Pomme Frite) and poked around the stores in the area. Ann Sophie was looking for a pair of shoes, but we didn't find any. She did find a beautiful maroonish wig that she bought for 20 bucks. I'm supposed to go back someday and get Els a blue one. We went into Religious Sex and I bought myself a pair of stockings there.

Someday I will buy something more than accessories from there. I pointed out to Mike the cute german freulien (sp?) dresses in vinyl and the Ms. Claus outfits. They had a great selection of top hats and I was tempted to buy one of them. I have no idea when I would wear it, but wouldn't it be such a glammy thing to own?

The CenterWe then drove to the West Village, to go to A Different Light up on 19th Street, then back down to the heart of the village on Bleeker to visit all the tiny shops in the area. I made a point to drive by the Center on 13th Street so they could see it. I've always found the building an interesting one. See, it's fairly plain on the outside. Conservative brick. The only thing "giving it away" would be the sign above the door. Inside, it is a completely different story.

Rainbow Car

"At the End of the Rainbow"

Something Els spotted.
I didn't. Pout.

The walls are painted and colorful. There's a vibrant energy that one cannot see from the outside. It's a beautiful building and a wonderful community center. Ann Sophie pointed out how it was great that it was the Lesbian and Gay Community Center instead of Gay and Lesbian Community Center. In my mind I thought how Spectrum used to have the same Lesbian -> Gay title because the lesbian community was far more active that the gay one on campus and chose the name. I wonder if the reason for the title is the same.

Ann SophieI parked in a relatively inexpensive parking lot near Tea and Sympathy, our last stop for the day. We walked up to a Different Light, where I bought a screenplay for Velvet Goldmine (a UK import). I was very happy about that purchase, although disappointed that they no longer carried pride jewelry, which is something that Ann Sophie and Els were looking for. We walked down to Bleeker, determined to find some there.

We stopped in every interesting looking store. We even stopped into a bead place where I made a deal with Ann Sophie: I would help purchase her materials to make a Pride Necklace out of beads but she would make me one. Els and Ann SophieI might try to con Els to make me a bracelet or anklet. We'll see. I bought a great "pierced" mug and a wonderful "glam" coat. I'll show you pictures of them someday.

Tea and sympathy was wonderful as usual. Els and Ann Sophie seemed to enjoy themselves, drinking tea and sampling the British delectables. We stopped into the store next door and I bought crackers for Christmas! I am so happy about that! I can't wait to pop them.

I drove Mike home and then Els and Ann Sophie and I (along with Jean, who came over the house) watched Velvet Goldmine at my parents' place. They kept screaming whenever any of the main characters struck a sexy poise.

A great day.

Can Van!

"Which way again?"

i spotted this one. Not only was it a can van, but it had two front ends.
Curiouser and curiouser!


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