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On the back of a business card write your philsophy for the coming year?

I'm tempted to put in my favorite quote of all time: "There is no such thing as darkness, only a failure to see." But, I think that my philosophy for this year will be something about the need for keeping all things in check and achieving a good "balance" in life will lead to happiness.


One of my best friends from the University of Illinois is Valerie Franek. She's a fellow Webgrrl and all-out cool femina. Somehow, I convinced her to start an online journal. It would be good for her. A sounding board for her to write and express herself, and a way to get her to work on her web skills. I believe she's a very talented web developer/designer. I hope you do too.

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January 4, 1999

Iko at workThis is going to be a warning, Constant Reader. A lof of what I've got to write today is "metajournaling". About my journal and my life with the online journalling community. There is one personal item, but you need a password for it. Read at the bottom for more details.

I volunteered. I have a tendancy of wanting to get my hands into whatever I do. Get down and dirty and completely covered in whatever I do. Ryan Ozawa, the head honcho behind requested the assistance of "link checkers" for the enormous Diary Registry. In exchange for us checking links (about 100), we will get free advertising on the site. I think that's especially nice and I think the amount of gain (increased traffic, for example) is definitely worth the effort. Plus, I'll be able to comb those sites for Interconnected Lives material. Two stones in one. Efficiency is a good thing (if only I could be more efficient with my words).

I was accepted into The Storytellers Webring. It's another small webring with really good quality journals. The journaller that runs it, Chel, is a really great read. I love her Martha Stewart sense of style and her site really reflects a great eye.

Ok. Enough meta-stuff.
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