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I just finished watching David Letterman and there was a group on it from Tallahassee (sp?), Florida named "Creed". They sounded kind of nice. A bit hard and edgy with a lead singer with a smoky voice. What's a smoky voice? I can't describe it. It's a baritone-ish voice that has a fascinating texture. Not like Rob Stewart, who sounds like a tenor to me. The smoky voice is manly and robust. It's the kind of voice that I want to feel on my neck. I find someone holding me close and speaking into my neck where I can feel their breath very sexy and baritone voices make the sexiest vibrations...

Ok. I am weird.


an experiment in expression
A great personal site. Strong visually. I've got to experiment with design like this.

Talk about web graphics. This is beauty. I hope to learn from studying these images. Technique. Execution. Superb.

Text-Line Color Blender
Color me baby!
An excellent tool.


Ok. New section! New section! Like I don't have enough projects on my hands. A few weeks ago, I purchased a book called 365 Goddess where each day a new Goddess is discussed with a small ritual to reap the rewards of that particular Goddess. I'm not going to be doing this in each entry but, I figured it will be a nice way to keep me reading the book on a daily basis (I read and on a daily basis but not necessarily the same book. I do a great deal of rotation between the books I'm currently reading.)

So, February 3rd's Goddess is from Sweden: Artio for the celebration of Homstrom. Her theme is the springtime and abundance and so, I used the imagery in the image below. I chose the cross because I was silly and thought it was Switzerland, not Sweden.

. Artio .

Artio, see my needs and bless, bring to me fruitfulness!

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February 3, 1999
Colors from a Japanese Painting

Eileene and her Washi box
This is me yesterday, posing with my new Washi box. Remember how I told you in my last entry that I purchased a kit to create a Washi box? Well, that's what I did yesterday evening. When I finished putting the box completely together, I was too exhausted to write the entry, so I postponed writing it until tonight. Since I didn't take a photograph of myself tonight, I figured that yesterday's picture would suit me fine.

Kilroy was here.

Everytime I see a picture with someone's eyes poking out above something that obstructs the rest of their face, I think of that phrase. I think it was before my time and I really have no idea what it means. I got to know the phrase because I knew a guy whose online handle was Kilroy.

Constructing a Washi box

Before construction

Here's the kit on the floor of my room (the computer room) with just the instructions pulled out of the box. I gingerly opened it and brought out each part, comparing it to the parts list contained with the instructions. All the parts I was quite surprised at how nice the materials were. This is one of those cheesy "no glue" deals. Everything is adhesive. I think that is one reason why I was able to put together everything in one evening instead of waiting for glue to dry. These are all the parts laid out. Pretty.

Two halves
The first thing that I had to put together was the two halves of the box. I had to fold at the creases and tape the parts together to create sharp the sharp angles of the box.

Afterwards, I put the two parts together. I didn't think I was particularly successful with Hinge, babythis and the two halves weren't aligned perfectly. If the bottom was aligned, the top wasn't. The sides weren't perfect. That's okay with me. It'll give it that more handmade look. I was more distressed that the adhesive kept coming undone. However, I figured that since more adhesive will bind the two halves together, it's not something for me to really worry about.

All the major parts...

I put together the little shelves that go into the box. Notice that they have red insides and white outsides. The next step was to cover everything in red paper. This was not easy. I think that my Red coverexperience was similar to someone wallpapering a room for the first time and is completely inexperienced with working with the adhesive. No matter how careful I was, it seemed that I would create small tiny wrinkles. Thankfully, I didn't make too many of those, but it was still frustrating. Mike started to look over my shoulder at this point.


Mike peered at my work. "I would be terrible with that."

"Really?" I really wasn't paying much attention to him. I had to focus on the adhesive and the paper. The less attention I pay to it, the higher the probability for a major screwup, so I kind of tuned him out.

"Yes. Crafts aren't my thing." He rambled about something but I really wasn't paying attention. The gist was that he doesn't have particularly good fine manipulation and that he would be messing up left and right.

When I finally got control over the adhesive, I turned to him. "I just be patient. Do things slow. Harder to mess up that way. Oh, and I don't pay much attention to what others are saying." I smiled in a smirky way, wrinkling my nose a little.

He smiled back, getting my meaning, and continued working on a crossword puzzle.

After I got the red base paper on everything, I then got to put on the decorative paper. This had a cloth feel to it and was heavy. I don't care too much for the pattern, but I thought it looked cool after I applied it.

With kimono on

The next portion before I put the shelves in was to screw in the beatiful and heavy knobs. This was almost a living hell. I probably spent a half an hour trying to get it to be exactly the way the instructions tell you to put it together. You are to use the screw holes to also loop the elastic in order hold the box shut. This was impossible. There wasn't enough room for the elastic and the screw. I was afraid to make the hole any larger in the box. So, I opted to just use the knob without the elastic and I just tie the elastic around the outside. I discovered I really didn't need the elastic because it closes on its own with all its components.

The final step was to stick the shelves in. I quickly did that and I completed my beautiful washi box! Complete! Gorgeous. I showed it to pa and Els and they thought it looked really cool. I love it. I put some hair clips into it and bracelets and watches. My mom this morning saw it and was pleased because it was a box to help me keep my things clean and organized (my room is still a mess). I finished off with the picture of me posing with my box. I'm going to see if I can get more kits.

I enjoyed putting the kit together. The next time I make a box like this one, I think I will try putting it together by scratch. I saw some of the completed Washi boxes at the bookstore tonight (I went back again!) and I think that the act of making one has made me understand its construction. I'll try that next time.

Speaking of today, work was very boring. I just find writing documentation quite dull. I'm going through step by step the test script, editing it and adjusting it as necessary. I recognize that this is something that I need to do, and I think I write good test scripts... but it is still pretty tedious.

When Mike picked me up, I convinced him to go to the Japanese bookstore again as long as I brought him to Pomme Frite. They recently opened a store near Times Square. I agreed and we walked to the Japanese bookstore. Once there, I purchased two books on Japanese style. I want to add more Japanese stylistic elements to my website, perhaps develop a few themes. The first few designs in one of the books that I have are all Ginko-themed and I'm thinking of making something for her (Ginko, I mean. If you don't know who she is, check out her website. I love her work and her art. She's one of my favorite online people. I think we're a lot alike and I think she's very pretty). I can imagine doing something in green and gold and completely splendid. My problem will be getting the image in my head onto the screen. I'm getting better at it. Slowly. Slowly.

After the bookstore, we got fries at Pomme Frite. Belgian fries are so much yummier than French fries. I love the creamy texture inside with the crispness outside (the key is double frying. You cook it slowly under gentle heat for several minutes and just before you hand it to your customer, fry it fast and hot to get that crispy outside). We munched until I spotted Ben and Jerrys, where I got my dessert for the evening: a small cup of Totally Nuts. Mike complained that there was too many nuts in it. I pthththed him.

I've got to eat healthier dinners. Belgian fries and ice cream. Atleast I didn't eat a lot.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I helped Beth of the center cannot hold with some background images and some HTML. It made me feel very good. Thank you, Clearinghouse! I love helping my fellow journallers. Need graphics help? Need HTML help? Let me know!

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