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This Sunday at 11pm, Tori Amos will be on Sessions, a PBS show. It looks really great. I like her music... primary as a musician myself (and a pianist), I love exploring the sound of her music. The words are good and I enjoy them occasionally, but it is the instrumentals of her song that draw me to her. I don't like all of her music, however. I've stopped being a rabid music fan of any group (besides the 'Bubs).

Winter is one of my favorite Tori pieces. I arranged it for my a cappella group in college (one of my finest arrangements and I think it captures the essence of the piece). It's up there along with Leather, which I love because it is absolutely sexy.

I hear a voice
"You must learn to stand up
for yourself
cause I can't always be around."

He says
"When you gonna
make up your mind?
When you gonna love you
as much as I do?
When you gonna
make up your mind?
'Cause things are gonna change
So fast.
All the white horses
are still in bed.
I tell you that I'll always
want you near.
You say that things change
my dear.

"I travel not to go somewhere,
but to go."
-- Robert Louis Stevenson


Num's website
This is the website of my coworker. He says it's not finished yet and he should spend more time on it. I think it's quite cool looking already, even though it is only a shell.
Wild! You can now rent videos and have them delivered to anywhere in Manhattan. And it's about as expensive as Blockbuster Video. Talk about increasing the amount of sloth-ness through technology. I know that I've gotten chunky because of my obsession with the Internet and my computer, but with the increase of services that have things sent to us at home with a push of a button... I fear the size that I will become.

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February 4, 1999
Pirates of Silicon Valley

Posing IkoI'm sitting here watching ER. I didn't realize that I haven't talked about Noah Wyle yet. I used to not think that he was particularly good looking, which is how I see most popular actors. It's my strange taste in men. I love them geeks! The nerdier looking, the better.


There is a point at which it's just too much. Personal hygiene is very important to me. Mike is very clean (messy eater but takes a shower every day and (augh, one of the things I find totally amazing) uses a new towel every day. To see his laundry is amazing sometimes. It's all towels! I'm a "new towel every three days" gal). A majority of my closest male friends are very clean and all of them are at "acceptable" levels. Being messy is an immediate turn off for me. Eww.

Anyway, back to Noah Wyle. I used to think he wasn't good looking but now I think he's absolutely adorible. It's the nose, I think. He's got a large nose and it's so sexy. I love large noses. I love feeling them nuzzle up to me. Mm. I discovered about a week ago that he is playing Steve Jobs in a new movie called "Pirates of Silicon Valley". I definitely want to see that! When I heard about it, it made me pause. There is something about Noah Wyle that looks like Steve Jobs. After I showed Mike a picture of him, he said that they shared similar noses and other facial features. I think Noah isn't as tall as Steve, but the likeness is uncanny. I passed a poster for the movie in Port Authority and I had to do a double take. I thought it was an ad for Apple and I thought "Hey, that's not particularly original, having Steve Jobs pose for an ad." Then it hit me that it was Noah and not Steve. "Wow," I thought to myself, that is excellent casting." Check out the offician TNT website regarding the movie. Anthony Michael Hall is playing Bill Gates. Excellent casting. The picture of Noah on the official site isn't as good as the one where he is in an impeccable suit, but I think he's got the Steve Job pose down perfectly.


My friend Andria suggested an ethiopian restaurant called Abyssinia. A very cool name. You sit on low tables and eat with your hands and enjoy a heavy-on-the-vegetarian food. Mike and I thoroughly enjoy exploring new restaurants and eating experiences and I've never eaten ethioprian before. We have to try that someday. I'm one of those people that will try most things once (there are some things I find unethical like cheating on my partner and would never do it, even just once).


I have a new manager at work. His name is Derin. Derin Basden. Ever heard of him? He's a programmer/project leader by day and an actor by night. I've seen a great photograph with him in the New York Times Magazine... in drag! He starred in the off-Broadway play, Duet. I wonder if I can get that photograph of him...

He waved to me as he walked past my desk. Instead of my typical nod or wave back, I said, "Hi Derin". He seemed to be making a bee-line to the printer, which is on the other side of the divider of my cubicle. I knew that if I talked up, he would easily hear me.

"Hi, Eileene", he said. He has a very commanding voice: loud and carries. I guess that's what makes him an actor.

I say coyingly, "I hear that you're my new manager."

His face pokes out on the side of the divider. "Yup. What about it."

I giggle and make bowing gestures. "Greetings, oh manager of mine."

He smiled at that. "I think they put us together because we have the strangest hair." I didn't notice his hair until his remark. It definitely was strange! He had it cut shortish and it was spiked, but it looked crazy, sticking up in random and unexpected directions. I put my fingers in my hair and shook it out.

"Yeah. I should redye my hair again. My roots are showing." I shook out my hair again.

Derin leaned forward to get a better picture of my hair. I knew this gesture was an exaggeration -- anyone can tell that my one and a half inch roots need a dye job. "Yup. It looks like you need one."

I decided then to say something crazy. I wanted to test him in some way to see if he would be a good manager. Or atleast someone lighthearted enough that I wouldn't mind him being my manager. "Wouldn't it be weird if I had blonde roots?"

He chuckled. Positive sign! "That would be an accomplishment."

I grinned and made a nodding gesture towards my computer. I needed to get back to work and this was only meant to be a short social call. He took the hint quickly and ducked back behind my Dilbert-esque cubicle. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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