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Madam and Steve
A fascinating comic strip website. It's quite funny. I think this is the first time I've been to a website on a .za domain. I was introduced to it by a RABbit that noticed one week featured a character with many piercings.

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December 7, 1998
Mix 'n' Match

Sleepy Eileene
I put up my Metajournals article last night. I was very pleased with the way the article turned out. The entries I've chosen were funny and poignant and interesting. I've missed a few errors but on the whole, the article is seen as pretty good! Yay! That makes me immensely happy. I hope that my writing will continue to improve.

I applied last night also to the Journal Cabal. I hope I get in. I've been participating more frequently in the various listservs that I have joined and I've heard some good things about the Cabal so, I'm intrigued and am hoping that I will be accepted. <biting her nails> I always get restless with things like this. I am sure that I will probably be accepted (I think I give good feedback and discussion in the lists that I am already on and I think that I have a lot that I can contribute to the community), but you never know. Best not to think about it.

I've been added to Snapshots as an online journalist that keeps a photograph with each entry. I've tried, Constant Reader, but it is kind of hard to remember to take a photograph each day, even when my camera is in my purse. There are only a few of us, and looking at the others on the list, I'm impressed at how good the other journals are. I'm in good company. ;)

I left work promptly at 5:30 today to go buy Christmas gifts. Actually, I went to get Ella's. Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It's off to Sam Ash we go! Once I got to 6th Avenue, I noticed that the Blue Room was playing in a theater on the same block. I looked in my purse and debated whether or not I had enough money to buy tickets. Of course I did! I sprinted into the theater box office where I promptly paid for two sets of two tickets, a week apart from each other. I gave the set on February 7th to my parents and the one on February 14th for Mike and I. The Blue Room then Robertos. This will be a good Valentine's Day. ;) While I was at the theater, a middle-aged gentleman asked me to buy tickets to the show for him and his family since the box office wouldn't allow him to purchase tickets. I gladly puchased the tickets for him... he seemed like a nice guy.

Short entry today. I think I have to learn not to be afraid to write only a little.

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