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On Display is a webring that I'm currently a member of. They have been soliticiting for ideas to take the current On Display webring and make it more community-oriented. True to my Fen Journals concept, I decided to volunteer developing a section tentatively titled as "Critics On Display", where we can submit the URLs to our journal entries that contain reviews of movies, books, etc. I kind of think the title "Critics On Display" is rather clever (we're being critics of music/tv/movies/books and yet we are also placing ourselves on display... I like the many meanings of the title). So, another project on Iko's shelf... but one that I'm doing enthusiastically (like the Fen Journals site).

Maybe it will help get me a job...

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November 4, 1998
I want my.. I want my.. I want my TV!

Nothing too long today. Just very very frustrated. While working on the computer this evening and watching/recording Charmed, I decided to pop out the tape and start getting to bed by popping out the Charmed tape and putting in I, Claudius...

Well, it turns out that my tape refuses to eject. I have a combined TV/VCR thing. I turn on the television and the tv wheezes for a little (sounds like it is trying to eject the tape) and then it shuts itself off. AAaAaAAaAAAa! I mean, I could handle the VCR not loading, but to have the television not work at all is just... terrible!

Ok. I know that there are some people who would think that it's terrible that I think my television not working is something worth defining as "terrible". Well, my television is my sleeping pill. I turn it on to something like I, Claudius or Star Wars or Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and I fall asleep much faster than I would have if there was no sound. Actually, when there is no sound, I tend to stay up and suffer from insomnia.

Well, I promptly started to fiddle with my television. Then, I got the silly notion that I could fix it if I fiddled around with it enough. So, I ended up taking the television apart (I even searched for a good phillips screwdriver downstairs in our tool-area of the basement), unscrewing all the covers and poking around in its innards. No such luck. I toyed with it for about an hour when I decided that this Isn't The Job For Me(tm) and put it back together. I sat around for about 10 minutes trying desperately hard not to cry or anything, since I knew I was exhausted but if I laid down, I would never get to sleep. It dawned on me then that I could just get the audio books of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that were in my sister's room and listen to those!

I tippy-toed into my sister's room and took the tapes from her shelf that I knew were there. I had to turn on the light and that miffed her a little (she was sound asleep so I don't think she remembered it). I went downstairs and woke up Mike to ask him where the tape player was. He told me its location and I kissed him goodnight as I left. I hoped that he could get back to sleep quickly after that. Mike is notorious for insomnia.

Well, I popped in the HHGTTG tape and I am hoping for a happy release.. er.. I mean, a short trip to dreamland. Night everyone and I'll tell you how it goes tomorrow.

© Copyright 1998, Eileene Coscolluela