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I got to work and discovered that I was the only one dressed up. <sigh> Sarah put it well the other day. She felt pressured to "be something", instead of just dressing up creepy. I tried to encourage her to just dress up in something creepy, but she didn't (aww). Instead, she wore a lovely spider earring that definitely got me noticing. It looked like it was crawling up her ear since it was very huge and seemed to "hug" her ear.

"I love your earring, Sarah," I told her just as she was rushing off to some other place in the office.
"Thanks," she said. "I used to call it my AGD when I was in school."
"AGD?" I inquired.
"Attention Getting Device," she said as she snuck off, rounding the corner on one of the many tasks that occupy the time of a technical architect/project leader.
I just thought to myself, "she's cool." Sarah is definitely very cool. Someone I would have liked to hang out with in high school and college.

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October 30, 1998
Girls Night Out!

Oh man, where to begin?


I decided to get dressed for Halloween today. Yes, I know it isn't Halloween yet, but I knew that I really wasn't going to do much Halloween-y stuff on Halloween, I might as well do the next best thing (plus, the day after Halloween is just silly). Plus, Christine was coming over after work and we would go out partying with a night on the town! My mom was all worried about it saying that she didn't like the idea of us going "clubbing". I just had to sigh about that. I recognize her concern and I appreciate it, but I think I can handle myself in that kind of environment, especially with Christine around. I definitely got several looks going to work dressed in my Halloween costume (I decided to wear my Renaissance outfit. One because I'm too lazy to go out and buy/make another and two, because Mike said it looked "really authentic") and carrying my large walking stick on the bus. Before I got to work, I had two people ask me if I was Bo-Peep! AAAA! Her staff has a crook in it! <sigh>

Anyway, the day was pretty ordinary until that afternoon, when I was asked to do a demonstration of the application and the newly applied graphics. I think that most of the people were impressed by it. Christine came around that time and she got dressed into her Halloween costume (a princess). I thought she looked really cute with her tiara. I didn't stay for the cake at the Halloween party since I thought it would be best if Christine and I left ASAP to go to the Times Square Brewery, where we were to have dinner before dashing off to St. John the Divine cathedral for some performance.

Christine has never been to a brewery before, so that was pretty cool. When you walk into the Times Square Brewery, the first thing you encounter is the bar. You walk to the back of the bar, up a flight of stairs, to get to the retaurant area. Everyone noticed us when we walked in and a number of people called attention to us (dressed in our Halloween finery) and clapped. That was cool. It was a sign that we had a pretty exciting evening ahead of us. I told Christine that I was to pay for dinner and she would pay for the tickets. I decided to order the beer sampler and have sips of the different kinds of beer (letting Christine drink the rest of it). I ordered stuffed pork chops that were delicious but I couldn't eat all of it (like last time). Reminder: Do not get stuffed pork chops again. They stink as leftovers.

We took our time eating and discovered that by the time we left, it was 7:30. We had walked to the Brewery (Christine loves to walk and I needed the exercise) and took our time eating, so we were to be late for the performance. We decided to make a dash for it and if we couldn't get in, then we would go find a good scary movie to check out. We took a train up to the location of St. John the Divine's cathedral...

The train story..
We got on the train and I was talking to Christine about something or other.. when someone behind me asked "What are you supposed to be? A princess?" I wasn't paying too much attention at first, but then I realized that whomever it was, they were talking to Christine and I. I turned around and noticed a group of three men talking to Christine. They guessed correctly that she was a princess. They turned to me and asked if I was her fairy godmother. <grin> I said I was a Renaissance chik. They nodded. They asked Christine her name... she answered and they started singing to her! A cappella! That was cool. I whipped out a dollar bill and placed it in their hat. As they walked away from us in the subway car, I started to sing along with them. That was definitely worth my money.
Now back to our show...

No way, no day. We were very late and there was a line for 10:30pm tickets! AAAA! So, we decided to go see a movie somewhere. Someone saw us walking on the streets and said, "Merry Christmas". Christine quickly came back with, "Happy New Year!" We giggled about that for a while. She suggested the Village and I wholeheartedly agreed! We didn't really have to see a movie anyway. We could just walk around, I could show her some of the cool haunts in the Village. We took the train down.

The first thing I spotted was the Pleasure Chest. I haven't been in there for a few years, since Mike and I popped our heads in there. We got the attention of the storekeepers as we were the first costumed visitors this Halloween season. We looked around at the various stuff they had. I always like going there. I was tempted to buy Mike a box of penis/vagina chocolates, but opted not to. I took her to Morgana's Chamber (just closing). We then walked over to Stick, Stone and Bone. I think Christine really liked that place. It has a very earthy feel to it, and I like looking at the objects, feeling the stones. I should patronize there more often. We passed by a psychic's store and I convinced her to pop on in (with me paying our way). I wasn't impressed and neither was Christine. She talked in generalities and seemed to be asking and hinting for information. We popped into this one store (I forgot the name) that sold all glbt stuff. It was really cool! Christine found this candle for Our Lady of Tattoos and Piercing. It was so nifty we had to take a picture of it! I think you can make out the words in this photograph. Note: Possible gift idea for Keith someday. I proceeded to purchase a rainbow-colored yinyang patch and a set of freedom rings. Christine had a nifty story about someone on r.a.b. buying a set of freedom rings thinking that they were a set of CBRs. <giggle> We walked around the Village some more. Someone asked me if I was Moses. I think it was the association they made with the staff I was carrying around. Otherwise, I have no idea how I could be mistaken for Moses. She treated me to tiramasu and hot chocolate at Cafe Sha-Sha (God, I love that place and you will too!). Mm! I had done tons of walking and my feet kind of hurt but, it was a good hurt. It was nice to be active and walk around. We took a taxi back up to Port Authority (someone made the sign of the cross while walking past us and gave us a good giggle) and Christine waited for my bus to come with me. That was really nice of her. We chatted about how great it was to get all the attention that we got. We would have never gotten it on Halloween and it was great to get it on the evening before. We decided that we shall try to do the same next year! I had a great time and by the time I got back home, I collapsed in a heap of happiness. I love Halloween.

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