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January 7, 1999
On Display January Collab

I read the news today, oh boy
About a lucky man who made the grade
And though the news was rather sad
Well, I just had to laugh
I saw the photograph
-- The Beatles "A Day in the Life"

Constant Reader, my daily life is pretty boring on the whole. So, I thought about how I could do this collaboration and make it "interesting". Then it hit me. Photos! A picture of me on an hour to hour basis. Maybe that will spruce up my life. Someone suggested that I should take photographs of me on the weekend instead. Well, that would consist of pictures of me in front of the computer in my room, which would be just as dull and only Mike comes to visit me. Atleast now I can take photos of my coworkers. <giggle>

Eileene on the BusI didn't decide until I got on the bus today that I will be doing the collab today. So, I didn't get a photograph of me at 8:00am when I got out of the shower dripping wet. This is me at 9:00am on the M42 bus in New York City. I take the bus crosstown from Port Authority Bus Terminal to 3rd Avenue. My office building is on 3rd Avenue between 44th and 45th streets. I always wave hello to the Grand Central Station cleaning crew that also takes care of the few blocks around the station. I was late to work today because I woke up late. The insomniac in me was courted last night by the changing temperatures of the house. It's too hot. It's too cold. It's too hot. It's too cold. Hold the insomniac all night.

Eileene checking her email
10am. Checking my email.

Eileene workin' 11am. Here I am working. The application needs some interface HTML changes. The font size is inconsistent and doesn't conform to the approved screen shots from the client. So, I'm changing them. I tend to have many windows open at once when working on an application. I like seeing the page before I started working on it and afterwards.

The team that I'm currently working with to implement the interface changes.
From left to right: Elizabeth, Robert, and me.

12pm. The team I am working with had a meeting. The application is going to be delivered to the client on the 15th of January so we needed to organize the best way to complete as many tasks as possible to deliver to the client. I'm going to continue working primarily on interface issues while Elizabeth and Nassar work on the technical issues.

Lunch!1pm. I figured that it's about time for lunch. I just finished off my green river rolls (eel sushi) and am now digging into a rare bag of potato chips. I like eating sushi. It feels like "healthy" food. I typically don't eat snack food but I needed something small for dessert. I only eat a handful of chips before I went back to work.

Iko & Cathy
2pm. Cathy was passing by my cubicle when I was preparing to take my 2 o'clock photo. She thought the idea of a "Day in the Life" project was kind of cool so when I invited her to have the picture with me, she accepted. I think Num took the photograph for us. I've worked with Cathy before with the business aspect of application development. What she does is try to understand the client's business... and with better understanding of the workflow, she helps design the application accordingly. So the application will fit into the way they work and make it more efficient/better/smoother. Nifty, eh?

3pm. Back to work. The more involved I get into my work, the more browser windows I have open. Back to workThe more browser windows I have open, the more likely it is that Netscape crashes. Argh! It's so frustrating. I kept alternating between Netscape and Explorer throughout the afternoon.

Snacktime! 4pm. I hate it when things frustrate me. When things at work just become frustrating (for example, for some unknown reason the HTML isn't formatting properly in this case.. the code is perfect. The code the browser is receiving is perfect. The spacing is still incorrect), I end up sitting back and just staring at the code or the page. I typically get out some snack and since I haven't finished my pop or chips, I decide to dig into them.

The two Es
5pm. Here I am with my coworker, Erin. We work together on the project that I am typically full-time on. Since I've been temporary placed on another project, I haven't interacted much with her. She's really nice and pretty nifty. When I took the photograph by setting the camera timer and putting atop a Godiva box that her parents sent Erin, I thought I would just crop the picture to just our faces. The gift-wrap on the top of the box looked so cool that I had to keep it in the picture.

Empire State Building 6pm. I've finally left work and I snapped a photograph at Port Authority. From the Southwest corner of 8th Avenue and 42nd street, the Empire State Building peeks beautifully through the gaps in the buildings.

Eileene at the Station

Waiting in the parking lot
7pm. An hour later, I finally arrived "home". Here I am awaiting my knight in shining armor riding on horseback to pick me up from the bus stop. Oh here he is now...

Iko's Knight on Horseback

Mike told me that he needed to go and pick up some sandwich bags. Mike in the store I have forgotten exactly why he needed to pick them up. Perhaps he needed them for some of his game pieces. We went over the C-Town, which is a cheap grocery store in the same strip mall that the bus stop was located. I followed him into the store, camera in hand. I snapped this picture of him contemplating exactly which brand he would buy.

When I got home, I ate dinner and chatted with my family around the dinner table. I became so engrossed with our conversation that I neglected to take an 8pm photo. Eeps! Oh well. Besides, I don't think you would really want to see a photograph of me eating. I tend to be quite the glutton (and it shows with my pudginess). However, with the New Years comes my attempt to eat better. I'm trying to eat slower, eat a little less, eat more vegetables and fruit. On the road to Welldom.

Iko watches Cadfael

9pm. Here I am sitting by my computer and watching Mystery on PBS. I'm a huge fan of the show. This week's episode stars Cadfael, with Derek Jacobi as the lead. I've always seemed to have a penchant for older men, especially British ones. So, here I am wiping the drool.. er.. pushing up my eyeglasses as I watch. Yes, Constant Reader, I do sit this close to the television. <grin> I figure my eyes are already shot...

The rest of the evening, I primarily read and sent email and worked on importing the graphics from my camera to the computer. I'm not sure what time I went to sleep, but I know it was late. There you go. That's a day in my life.

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