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April 16, 1999
Danger, Will Robinson!

Eileene and her ringThis was one of the last photographs I took of my eyebrow ring, taken on March 1st, the day before I had it removed. I miss it terribly, most of the time. I loved looking at it in the mirror, or seeing the light flash off of it in the far corner of my eye. Even in this photograph, you can tell that it is slowly migrating out. It was bleeding and complaining to me regularly. I could feel every shift of the ring. I can't wait to get it repierced someday.

However, there are times when I don't miss it. When I'm in the shower. Actually, I'm still not used to it being gone. When I had the ring, I had a hard time in the shower touching that portion of my face -- there was always a risk that I would snag it or rub it the wrong way. So, I got used to only touch that quarter of my face (the upper left) gingerly. In the shower, I am now able to scrub scrub scrub away at my face without shame (it's completely scarred over now). However, I have to conciously do it. Otherwise, I still avoid that portion of my face and I find myself hesitating with the washcloth. It's curious how we pick up habits and how we lose them. I've gained and lost and gained again habits. I'm starting to chew gum again (something that I stopped when I moved away from Chambana and Mike's influence since he chews gum constantly). I have partially stopped picking at my hair when I'm thinking, another habit that I picked up from Mike. It hasn't picked up agan, thankfully... or maybe not. I always thought that it was a cute little habit. But perhaps it's cute on Mike. It might make me look dumb. Sometimes, you never know what to be thankful for.


Japanese Fugi BoxWhile rooting through old photographs, I noticed these two that I haven't shown you yet, Constant Reader (alteast, I don't think I have). This is of a Fugi box that I purchased from this Japanese confectionary store that is next to the Japanese bookstore that I often go to in the city. I love the displays that they have in the front of the store, which they change regularly to reflect the seasons and celebrations pertaining to that time of year. I will take pictures of it someday for you, so that you can be in awe of the window displays with me (even better, visit me and I'll take you there and we can sample the delicious treats together!). The wrapping for the box is beautiful. Ornate washi paper wrapped with a lovely piece of string. Opening the box...

Japanese Fugi Box Opened

Inside there are six fugi confectionaries in three different flavors. The top are chesnut, the middle are green tea, and the bottom are (my personal favorite) citrus, individually wrapped and beautiful. Fugi have the consistency of jello, kind of. Jello is clear and wiggly and dissolve like liquid in your mouth. These are translucent, have a more solid consistency, and putting in your mouth has the texture of.. oh.. I can't describe it well. It's kind of pasty, kind of liquidy, kind of gelatinous. The cirtrus has little flecks of orange peel in it and the smell is deliciously sweet. The green tea is quite good as well, although I think it needs sugar (which is my reaction to most tea. "It needs sugar. I need tea with my sugar."). The chesnut are good too, but lack the meaty consistency makes it really strange to eat. I am expecting it and because t's not what I expect, I find it very disconcerting.

Have you ever eaten something like that, Constant Reader? Something where the texture just feels wrong, although the taste is quite good? About 99% of the time, texture isn't that important to me in food, so the disorienting feeling with the chesnut fugi is really annoying. Why this time and not others?


Tonight I watched Lost in Space. I can see where most people can consider it a pretty bad movie. The cast could have easily been reduced by two characters and it wouldn't have lost anything except an exceedingly annoying rebellious teenage girl (Lacey Chabert playing Penny Robinson) and her mother (who was just kind of there and a motherly foil for John Robinson, who isn't the caring type). William Hurt is an excellent actor but he was pretty emotionless throughout the film (which is what he's supposed to be, but even when he was happy to see his son again, it was still pretty emotionless). I liked Will Robinson (it has to be said. Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! Note: Do you know I've never seen the TV series of Lost in Space? I haven't seen Green Acres or The Beverly Hillbillies or The Grand Olde Opry either. I lead a sheltered ilfe.) and the fact that he was this little Jason Fox-character robotics expert. Cute! Heather Graham as Judy Robinson, the biologist/medical, is cute and I liked the tension she had with Major Don West (Matt LeBlanc, surprisingly funny and good. Then again, I think his participation in Friends is rubbing off me). I definitely liked Gary Oldman. He plays really good bad guys. I haven't heard him in interview and I'm curious as to what his natural accent is like. I've heard him as an American (both northerner and southerner), British, and eastern european. I think he's British. He's deliciously creepy. Mm. I love them Brit men.

The plot is fairly predictable and shallow. Like a Stephen King novel, it's an entertaining watch. It's not deep and has many cheesy lets-all-love-each-other lines, but I'm not disappointed in the $3.50 I spent for the video. I've rented worse. Like the Slayers dubbed japanese anime movie I rented and watched last night. Man, that was terrible. I fell asleep halfway through it. Anything that I fall asleep halfway through it the first time I watch it is a dog (with exception of Monty Python... but that's another story).

I'm thinking of starting a movie review section for my personal website. Yeap, more things to suck up my time. But first, I really should work on my botany site that has been going through my head. I want something to motivate me to work on my systematic techniques. Identify plants and trees by their leaves, fruits, and maybe even bark. A website will definitely motivate me to relook at all my notes and past books.

Building websites. The ultimate motivator for me. We all need something to kick our butts.

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