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Al asked these questions on journals-l:

Just curious. What email programs do you use?

I prefer pine, but since the service I currently have doesn't support it (they keep saying, soon!), I have resorted to using Outlook Express. I've had no problems with it, surprisingly.

I check my mail every minute. ;)

I used Netscape mail but then it got all wacky on me.

What graphics program do you prefer?

To create my website I use:
Macromedia Freehand 8.0
Adobe Photoshop 4.0
Flaming Pair's Blade Pro
Alien Skin's Eye Candy

I've also gotten Picture Publisher from Micrografx (a promotional full working copy, thanks to connections!) but I haven't used it yet.. although I've seen it do metals beautifully. I've got to play with that.

What html editor do you use, if any?

Notepad. ;)
Once in a while, I'll use Arachnophilia, but I never let it generate the HTML. I just like seeing the different colors.

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June 1, 1999
Everybody's doin' it!

Well, everyone and their second cousins seem to be filling out this questionnaire. It started with Michael and has infected rapidly. I decided to jump on the bandwagon. The questions were just too nifty to ignore.

What vegetable do you most resemble?
Ah! Such a tough question right off the bat.

See, I'm a botanist and although I recognize that "vegetable" is not a scientific term, I look at plants from (generally) a very scientific point of view. I look at a tomato and a green pepper and think "what a very cool berry!". Berry is a technical term for a specific fruit type (a indehiscent (doesn't open), fleshy fruit with multiple seeds). So, I see most "vegetables" as fruits. The term "vegetative" refers to the non-sexual portion of the plant. Anway, I'm going off on an extreme random tangent with this.

For the vernacular term of the word, I think I most resemble the butternut squash. Very round and shapely! I can't think of any leaves that resemble me offhand.

If you could change one physical feature what would it be?
My tummy. I wish I didn't have so much pudge. I'd love to wear short tees and show off my belly button.

Describe yourself in one word.

What is your greatest attribute?
I'm not really quite sure. Something attributed to me that is great? Gosh, I don't know. Right now, the proudest thing that I've created is my relationship with Mike. When I was younger, I did a lot of 'playing the field' and I had a hard time keeping a permanent relationship. I got bored really quickly. Now I'm in a wonderfully healthy and fascinating partnership. It's stimulating on all levels. I love it.

What character trait do you most detest in others?
When people let their emotions lead their actions. I (generally) prefer logic and reasoning and well-thought planning to lead my actions and I like it when other people do the same.

Whom do you envy and why?
The artists of the world. They people with visions and they use the medium to transfer those visions into something that other people can see. I can't do that. I have very little creative energy of my own and I wish I had that creative eye.

How would your friends characterize you: moody, happy-go-lucky, pensive, withdrawn or stupendously wonderful.
Gosh, I don't know. Sometimes I'm moody. Pensive. I'm quiet so I'm often withdrawn. Being hypercritical of myself, it's not a characteric of myself to be stupendously wonderful (just when I conquer an especially difficult snippet of code). The one thing I am definitely not is happy-go-lucky. I am definitely not that.

In a sentence describe the philosophy by which you live.
I believe in the quest for the truth and understanding.
There is no such thing as darkness, only a failure to see. -- Malcom Muggeridge

In to what TV family would you like to have been born?
The Hardy Boys. I love uncovering a mystery!

If you were to come back as an animal, vegetable or mineral, what would you choose?
Animal. Atleast, give me a brain.

What profession intrigues you?
Medical doctors. (Thanks to Mr. Liles and ER)
FBI Agents. (Thanks to Clarice Starling)
Forensic medicine. (Thanks to Quincy and every other horror writer)
Acting. (Too many to list)
Botanist in the middle of nowhere identifying new species.

If you could completely change your style, what would you choose?
Dominatrix! I want to wear rubber and latex and PVC.

Who is your favorite fictional character?
Ford Prefect. I think he's deliciously yummy.

What animal is most like you?
The anti-elephant. I always forget.

In what novel would you most like to have lived?
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I want to romp around the universe as a Guide researcher with my Guide in one hand and my towel in the other.

What super-power would you most like to have?
The power of flying.

When in history would you most like to have been born?
Ancient Rome. To live in the golden age of Augustus as a noble woman. That would be very cool. If I could keep alive.

What is the greatest invention of the twentieth century?

Describe your perfect day.
Waking up next to my partner. A day of great roleplaying (prizes for roleplaying excellence are a plus!). A good dinner. A good movie. Going to bed next to my partner.

That's great. I like that. When are you most at ease?
In front of a computer.

What becomes a Canadian legend most?
Er... good hockey playing skills?

What is your greatest regret?
Not studying computer science in college.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
Being a middle-aged politically active techno-geek. The first on the block with wetware.

For what do you most want to be remembered?
For my reasonability and rationality.

Parting Ikoisms
Book: (current) Isard's Revenge, Book 8 in the Star Wars X-Wing series
Music: (current) The Matrix Soundtrack, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Soundtrack
Movie: (last saw) The Thirteenth Floor (soon to see) Encounters in the Third Dimension IMAX film

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