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Someone on journals-l posed the question:
"If you could produce a 15-second TV commercial to advertise your journal, what would it be?"

I replied. My script-writing debut, Constant Reader.

I've got a strong penchant for the new R5 commercials (yes, you know the ones if you watch tv. The ones that the song in the background goes "I am.. I am superman and I can do anything" with the people holding up signs with "I am" written on it). Something like that would be very cool (just on a side note, the company I work for is going to be one of the national leaders in R5 migration... very cool).

However, knowing my sensibilities, I would probably just have a whitish background. No sound. And in small letters in the middle "The Mind's I". Underneath it, I would probably put (in even smaller letters) the URL.

Aren't I such a minimalist?


I've got two babies in the graphics department today. They are located here. One is for Vicki Jean of chez xx journal for mailing me a Valentine's Day card. A real snail mail one! Wow! A wonderful gem. So, I gave her one in return. Digital glass is tricky.

The other was inspired by another journaller, Patrick Cleary. Animated GIFs are fun.

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February 17, 1999
Yogurt Commercials and Lots of Lovin'

I caved in.
I found my missing credit card in a tucked away pocket of my purse and decided to go out and splurge on CDs. It all started because I started really reading and there was an announcement for BOCA 99 (Best of College A cappella) that it was on sale. So, I grabbed it. I went over to the Mainly A Cappella website and discovered BOCA 99.. along with BOCA 98 and the two newest Beelzebubs CDs. I looked down at my card and shrugged my shoulders and proceeded to purchase the $50.00 worth of CDs. I haven't spent that much money on music in a long time. It made me feel good and I'm looking forward to getting my CDs. I was hoping that they would come in the mail tonight, but no such luck. Tomorrow, I'm sure of it.

Can you tell my fingers are crossed?


It looks like Amy's moving on to something new. And she's providing space for people who would want it. I jumped at the chance. It will bring increased traffic to my personal website. I'd also like the chance to push the envelope in my writing and web design. Experiment a little. So, I sent in a proposal. Here it is.

It all started when I was 13.

I thought I had met the love of my life. Well, I was wrong. I only "loved" him because I leaned on him when his best friend started drifting away from me. And he let me lean on him.

Our breakup was messy. It's to be expected from a guy who had a three foot poster of me in his room. He called me a little slut. Strange. I broke up with him to become more religious and pious.

I spent one year being a little angel and the next four as a slut. I explored heterosexual sex in all its forms... with my long-distance boyfriend that I kept off and on for four years to the guy I met only twice and slept with him one of those times.

Then I found love. But even then it isn't all sweet. I've had times where I've stumbled... but we're still together.

I'd like a place to tell some of my stories.

I was given space and I've got about two or so weeks to pull something together. Yow. This will be interesting.


I'm learning to really love yogurt. For two days straight, I've had yogurt for lunch. Blueberry is definitely my favorite flavor, with mixed berry being a close second. I think I've learned the Right Way for Eileene to Eat Yogurt. When I used to have these yogurt cups, I would mix everything together and start eating it. I often found that for some reason, I could never finish it. Now, I've perfected the way I can eat all of it.

The key is to eat it like Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I have to eat a little bit of sweet berries with a scoopful of plain yogurt. This way, the bits of berry (or the chips in ice cream) will "last longer" because it isn't diluted. I've found that sometimes the berry stuff is *too much* and I end up having more berry stuff left than yogurt. At that time, I mix it vigorously to distribute all the flavors and can finish off the remaining yogurt easily.

I've learned to really love it... beware! Iko's becoming a health nut.


Back in 1997, I was one of the first HotWired Geek of the Week. They left out my best answer:

Q: What gets you up in the morning?

A: If I'm unlucky, my alarm clock. If I'm lucky, a nudge.

I rediscovered this because I found out that a fellow journaller (well, according to him he doesn't keep an online journal but I think of it as such) John Scalzi was a later geek. A small world! We're everywhere, Constant Reader.

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