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He made a comment on Diary-L that he's never heard of Ani. Not even the name. That sounded a lot like Mike (he's never heard of most of the group that I've heard of). Well, anyone that sounds like Mike sounds intriguing. <grin> So, I visited his website and discovered a very interesting journaller. He's a good looking gentleman, with a partner that seems to give him much angst. I hope I never give Mike angst. I like how he seems to be a big weather guy, always commenting on it. Interesting. I wrote him an email message commenting on the site.

David also commented on Diary-L about too many journals. I was tempted to go to his website and do some lunchtime reading. I found him to be very interesting! A gamer and an otaku! I shall write him an email message later telling him how much I enjoyed reading his material.

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December 4, 1998
We've got the signal!

Eileene's TVNo photograph of me today... but here's one of my television. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Iko has her television back. I'm not sure if this is necessarily a good or bad thing, especially since I was getting used to the cassette tapes of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. We'll just have to see if having the tv back will get me to bed earlier.

My thoughts on the changes made to the rereleased Star Wars movies that I posted to the Diary-L list:

I liked the scene where Jabba and Han were talking in the first movie... but frankly I think they did a poor job with Jabba. He was too obviously computer-animated and I think they might have done a better job with doing more the techniques that were featured in Forrest Gump that allowed the filmmakers to put Tom Hanks in the old footage. Otherwise, I love the new space scenes and the spaceports. It's cool to see Mos Eisley. I loved seeing Lucas' vision of Coruscant (something well described in the books in the Star Wars universe). I love the dance number in the third movie. Kinda wacky but I liked it.

The way I see it, these are changes that Lucas wanted to make because the technology allowed him to come closer to his "vision". I'm a big-on-explosions-and-space-action-chik and I was pleased with the new stuff added to the film in that respect.

My thoughts on the upcoming Star Wars: The Phantom Menace movie:

I'm very excited about the entire thing. I'm an avid fan of the Star Wars universe and reading some of the books about it, I'm very interested in the rise and fall of the Jedi. I'm interested in the Clone Wars and the political struggle of the time. I want to know how, in ~20 or so years, the Jedi went from a dominant and prominent force in the galaxy to something that is disregarded as an "ancient religion". I'm curious to see how Lucas handles that. I'm interested to see Anakin Skywalker's training and his eventual fall to the Dark side. I want to see how as Vader, he gets rid of the Jedi... that will be interesting. I want to know how exactly the emperor got into power (I'm a HUGE fan of the rise of Imperial Rome, so this will be especially interesting for me).

I can't wait to see how Lucas envisioned other well-known Star Wars planets. Like Alderaan. Oo.. that will be very cool.

I contributed a quote to the Helen Mirren Appreciation Society list. I recently watched a Penthouse tape of the making of Caligula... which was pretty boring and overhyped except for about 5 seconds where Helen Mirren is on the screen, dressed in her Scribonia garb. She looks with her alluring eyes at the camera and says "It's got an irresistable mixture of art and genitals in it." I am glad that I chose to be the Keeper of Ms. Mirren's wit. She's so gloriously clever. It was worth watching the crappy Penthouse tape.

The origins of the Penthouse tape will remain a secret.

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