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October 25, 1998
Fall back, spring foward!

Strike a pose! This is the clearest picture of me today. Mike needs to learn to take a good picture

First, I want to talk a little about yesterday since I don't have an entry for it in this journal. I convinced Mike to take me to the mall. It's been a while since I've been there and I wanted to buy some jewelry. My ear annoyed me like crazy on Friday night and I ended up removing one of my fixed bead rings that I got at the Gauntlet. Once I removed it, I figured I should get nice jewelry to put into it instead of trying to put it back together again (which is a futile exercise for me and my weak fingers.. 18g and I can't close them correctly.. argh!). I got one of my barbells from my sister (14g) and poked that in my ear until I went to Hot Topic. There I got myself two niobium 16g cbrs, one in a lovely green and the other a rainbow, and a 14g corkscrew that looks really cool.

The three faces of Mike

I also got myself a pair of ring expanding pliers that I had to clean thoroughly before I used them. It definitely makes opening rings much easier! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get the 16g in my lobes, considering that I remember they were pierced for 18g. It turns out that I was able to shove them in there (14g is a possibility for my highest pierce but will be VERY tight for the middle one). I am now thinking of stretching them... exactly how far I'm not sure yet. I experienced clinking for the first time yesterday. My rings are heavy enough that they swing a little and occasionally, they clink together in an entirely appealing way. I love it! I want them to clink more and katester from #bodyart suggested that I get more piercings.

To today, Mike and I had a small tiff. He thought I blew him off this morning (I woke up late and then my mom called me from my alluring position downstairs) and then I told him I wasn't in the mood to go out (just that time.. I wanted to take a nap first). Well, I apologized for everything and we went out to Bear Mountain. The trip there was hilarious since I didn't know exactly where it was located, just its general direction (North!). We had to rely on signs.

The car had very little gas in it, so for the longest time, all I could do was fret about the lack of gas within the car. It was almost to the point of paranoia. We drove to a town on the river (we believe it to be the Hudson), and gassed up there. We stopped at an overlook where I took several pictures (including the one of Mike's head). The amount of traffic and people at Bear Mountain was pretty incredible. We decided that other people knew as well that this was the weekend to see the beautiful fall colors. The maples were just turning. Driving back, we found our way back to a lake, where we decided to stop off and make our snack. I had brought along a chess board so that we could play a round.

A great picture of Mike and the fall foliage

It was lovely to be in such great air and surroundings. The air was very clean and it was nice to feel it expanding in my lungs. It was cool and crisp. We picked a spot across the lake and put down a blanket. We proceeded to play a round of chess. As usual, Mike won, but it wasn't so bad as in the past. According to Mike, I was playing much better than I typically play. That was nice to hear. I did hold out until the very end, where I did make a few mistakes (like not taking his rook). That was pleasant. Perhaps, I might do it again soon sometime. I'd like to become better at chess. Being out in nature again, I want to become more connected to all of that. I loved being surrounded by the trees and the fresh air. I might visit up Bear Mountain and the catskills more frequently. I think it will improve me in many ways, perhaps even make me more reflective... I'd like to become more reflective.

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