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Password protected online journals? Here are my thoughts on password protected online journals vs. public ones like mine.

We're like politicians. We put our life on the line and we get flack for it... but the politicians stand their ground and try to continue their lives under the public scruitiny. It comes with the territory. I respect those that go behind the password protection... I see the need for it at times (and I did it for one of my journal entries.. which has now come out of hiding)...

I kind of see journals behind password protection like... email that one opens up to a group of friends or aquaintences. It's a controlled environment. With a public online journal, you've opened yourself up to a much larger audience.. which affects our presentation of our lives. We want to be understood by as many people as we can, not by a choice and select few. I think our writing is challenged by that requirement.

I know I'm kind of rambling, but those are my thoughts right now, munching on some leafy greens over lunch. ;)

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February 26, 1999
Happiness is a Warm Gun

What are your top ten all time un-favourite and favourite things to do?

Favorite things:
  1. Making love.
  2. Surfing the web.
  3. Writing HTML code (hey, if I didn't need the money, I'd do this for free!).
  4. Going shopping for books.
  5. Reading a good book.
  6. Watching a good movie.
  7. Eating.
  8. Gaming.
  9. Walking in cool, clean, mountainous air.
  10. Being able to identify a plant.
Unfavorite things:
  1. Getting into arguments (especially if I lose).
  2. Slow Internet connections.
  3. Writing Lotus Script for agents that I don't really see what they do (return, especially visual ones, is very important to my satisfaction centers).
  4. Going shopping for clothing.
  5. Trudging through a boring/bad book.
  6. Trudging through a boring/bad movie.
  7. Being hungry.
  8. Dealing with twinkies when I game.
  9. Yucky smells of the city.
  10. Being unable to identify a plant.

How do you think of happiness, give a definition.

He stroked my face and caressed my hair. He pulled me close and whispered in my ear, "I love you."

My finger traced the rim of my mug of hot cocoa. I caught a faint whiff of its sweetness and I looked up from my book to see the light tendrils of steam rolling off its surface. "Only a few more paragraphs until the end of the chapter. Then you can take a drink break," I thought to myself. I looked back ay my book and didn't stop until long after my cocoa was cold.

Val: Check out this link.
Me: Ok.
type type type click click click
ME: Hey, that's pretty cool!
Val: I thought you'd like that one.

I hopped on one leg then the next as I fumbled for my keys. Front door key. Front door key. Where the heck is it? I found it, golden in the sunlight and I swiftly placed it in the lock. With a quick turn, I had the door open and I quickly ran to the bathroom.

"Hey, did you notice this door here before?"

Mike turned and started staring at the screen. "Nope, that looks new. How did you spot it?"

"This grey line here looked awfully suspicious and when I clicked on it, the door opened. I think it's supposed to be a lever."

He leaned forward to scruitinize the mass of pixels that represented a lever. "Strangest looking lever I've ever seen." He turns to me. "Well, what are you waiting for? Go in," he says anxiously.

"Okay okay okay. Let's see where this baby leads us."

"Eileene, do you want to go to the computer show with me?" my father asks, already decked out in his 'computer show' gear: comfie pair of pants, a polo short under an easy removable sweatshirt (in case it's too warm), a baseball cap, and leather backpack. He looked very student-like.

I looked up from my breakfast plate with a glimmer in my eye. "Heck yeah!"

He smiles. "Get dressed then and let's go."

I leap from my chair and leave my breakfast half-eaten.

Happiness is doing things you enjoy doing. Sometimes one's life might not be "happy", but there are acts, large and small, that will lead one to more happiness. Everyone's happiness is different. Above are small snippets and examples of situations that make me happy.


What was the happiest moment in your life so far?

It's hard to say.

There are so many different kinds of happiness that it's difficult to pick out a singular situation. The happiest moment in my life so far is the current one. The present moment. It is rich with all of past experience and has hope and is looking forward to more happiness in the future.

© Copyright 1999, Eileene Coscolluela