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March 9, 1999
Back to Work

Sleepy Iko

I got myself up early and back to work today. It helped that I went to bed relatively early last night, with great assistance from Mike. He kept hanging out until I turned off the computer and got myself tucked into bed. Sometimes, he can be so annoying and yet so considerate at the same time. In any case, I had some thoughts of turning on the machine after he left... but I thought better of it and just tried to go to sleep.

I don't remember any of my dreams last night, but I'm sure I had them because I slept so long and I was exhausted when I awoke this morning.

Going to work wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Most of the people at work were extremely sympathetic to me in my reduced and ill state. I had work to keep me busy all day. Primarily it was changes to the HTML prototype I was building for QDSP. It seems that the communication channels aren't as smooth as they can be. John and I keep misinterpreting Karen's needs. But, I think that as time goes on, we're getting closer and closer to what the client wants... and not be too far off from our conceptional ideas of what they would want in an application. Most of the changes are really minor (interface considerations) and I don't have a problem with how the changes affect the functionality. Atleast, not theoretically.

Once I completed all the changes, I moved on to a tricker bit of coding. I was getting better, so I felt taxing the brain a bit more wouldn't hurt. I could have stayed at work an hour more tackling a bit of javascript code that has been bugging me, but I decided to go home instead. I didn't want to tax myself too much and stop my healing process. I take long enough to heal without having to work a fifty hour work week (I know I haven't talked about my fifty hour work week yet since I haven't finished my March 1st entry... but I will, Constant Reader, so you can understand the hell that March will be for me).

I spent most of the evening eating and then downstairs with Mike. It was good to hang out with him, although it got me thinking that I might be spending way too much time on the computer. It was nice to just sit with him and watch television. It made me realize that I should spend more quality time with him, despite his claims that he needs no such extra attention. Thinking about it later, I came to realize that it's more me and him that need this kind of interaction.

I don't think I've written before about the Flower & Willow project, but it's a small group of journallers (only one space left for a total of six of us) creating individual projects similar to my chunk project. Each of us have our own projects, so they aren't connected with each other, but we're all supporting each other.. injecting each other with ideas and concepts. It looks like my project is shaping up to be about my belief systems and how they have changed throughout the years... and the various influences to my belief system. I've been soliciting people for possible perspectives and essays that I could write in relation to a project based on my belief system. Anyone have any suggestions?

To end on a light note, I saw the Cadbury Cream Egg commercial tonight. You know Easter is coming around when those commercials start tossing themselves around. As a youngster, they were always so visually appealing. The chocolate egg with the creamy yellow and white centers. However, I found them too sweet and too sticky. I could never finish an entire egg by myself and I always felt nauseous afterwards. However, the past two or three easters, I've discovered that I've gotten quite a taste for these treats. Strange. I've always thought that as you get older, your taste for sweets decrease. In the case of the Cadbury Cream Egg, it has increased.

I prefer Peeps, though.

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