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He hoped and prayed that there wasn't an afterlife. Then he realized there was a contradition involved here and merely hoped that there wasn't an afterlife.

-Douglas Adams

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November 16, 1998
Preserved Critics & Leonids
Sign!  Not Eileene
I admit that this entry is primarily motivated by the uber-cool photograph that I took of myself tonight. I think it's a pretty good looking photograph, not of me but of the sign on the bus. For those that cannot make out the tiny pixelated text, it says "Wait for light, then open door". I can't even begin to note how many people I've seen on the bus disregard this simple sign. School for the gifted.

Doesn't my nose look gigantic in the picture?

Anyway, over the weekend, I put up the Critics On Display website. I've (wonderfully) gotten nothing but positive remarks! I think I will have to add another section to it, however, for non-categorized reviews. I set up the site beautifully but had a bitch of a time trying to upload it to the On Display site... so much so that I might ask Elizabeth (the hostess for On Display) if I could just host it on my own site. Xoom doesn't allow folders, so I can't structure the site meaningfully and the images have to be in the same directory as the text... it's just terrible. What do you think of the site? Someday, I will start adding content to it. I will.

Today, I discovered that a favorite (and funny) journalist has left her partner of nine years to live with someone else and start a new life. Kim Rollins, after terminating her engagement with her partner, has left to go "south" to life with the man she really loves. I found her journal engaging and witty (she's also wonderfully beautiful! bonus!) and I started emailing her and talking about tattooing and piercing and the like. I hope I discover her new email address soon. I wish her the best of luck in her new life and a big amazing huzzah, knowing that I could never have the guts to do the same.

The sky is cloudy tonight and I really wanted to see the Leonids (I missed Haley's Comet and I'm determined not to do the same for celestial phenomena if I can get the chance) but the sky is cloudy and sleep becons me. <sigh>

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