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--Women's restroom, Murphy's, Champaign, IL

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November 21, 1998
Fluxx, Fluxx, Baby!

Four-Eyed No-Horned Non-Flying Purple People Iko I posted part of this to ScribeTribe outlining my Saturday. I figured, why repeat it? So, I'm just going to add more comments to describe my Saturday.

My saturday...

I was a real geek today (but proud of it!). My partner last month went to the Compleat Strategist last month at their monthly gaming meeting and really enjoyed it. So, I was convinced to go this month (I wanted to go last month but I wasn't feeling too well).

This was interesting. Mike and I decided to drive to the city instead of taking public transportation. I reassured Mike that we wouldn't really be driving to the city. Instead, we would drive to Port Authority Park and Ride, which is almost like not going into the city since one really didn't encounter city traffic. You exit the tunnel, you're on the ramp to the Park and Ride. You leave the Park and Ride, you're at the tunnel entrance. It's very convenient and although the parking is expensive, it's not too bad. We walked down to the Compleat Strategist, games in tow. It is only a 9 block, three avenue walk. No problemo. Besides, I need to walk more these days.

It was a pretty typical gaming group. There was one other woman than me, and she seemed much older. She was beautifully adorned, however! Several earlobe pierces and a plug for her nose ring. She seemed to be attached to a long-haired gentlemen with several obvious piercings. I never realized how pierced the gaming community was, and perhaps this wasn't a real "crossection" of the community, but it was interesting to see. There was another guy who was obviously pierced with a delightful British accent, but I didn't get to play with him. He opted to play Tigris and Euphrates instead.

In any case, I played Kingdom (a game someone imported from England) with the pierced woman and her gentleman friend and decided that boardgame was really bad (terrible combat mechanics, pretty board). I got to watch Borderland which Mike played or something like that which was a lot like the game that I like, Settlers of Catan, except with military units. I got to see another group of people play Tigris and Euphrates, which looks like a pretty cool boardgame. It supposedly plays like chess.

I had invited Christine to come play at the store with us, but I didn't expect her to come since she told me she was ill. Lo and behold, she called the store and told me that she was coming down and not to leave! That was a pleasant surprise. When she got to the store, I introduced her around and we went off to eat lunch since I was rather hungry. I also decided to get Mike some lunch as well. We took our dainty little time and ate at a Chinese restaurant. I introduced her to scallion pancakes. Mm!

On the way back to the store, I picked up Mike some pop and a sandwich from Subway. He liked the sandwich immensely, which meant I made a good choice in the meat for it. I pulled out Fluxx and Christine and I played a round on the floor (not enough room on the tables).

I ended up managing a group of Fluxx players (it's a VERY cool card game), but got into a semi-argument with this guy that I thought was a pretty big munchkin player (kept reminding everyone of the rules, although I think we were all bright enough gamers to deal with such stuff ourselves). However, I did get to meet this one guy (he never told me his name but plays at Neutral Ground every Saturday so I'm probably going there the first Saturday of December) who was really into Settlers and told him I would bring in my copies of Caesar and Cleopatra (a two-player German cardgame) and Settlers of Catan the card game.

To sum it all up, I was a roleplaying geek this weekend.

For those who would sneer and comment:
"Get a life."

I retort: "I'm a gamer. I've got PLENTY of lives!"

After gaming, Mike and I decided to walk Christine to the subway station at Times Square. I urged them to walk up 5th Avenue to check out the windows at Lord n Taylor. I knew that they had put up an interesting display, since I saw them earlier in the week when taking the bus down to see Christine. I wanted to see the moving displays up close.

Lord n Taylor

The displays were for Peter Pan. They pumped music from the musical on Broadway into the speakers outside. They were beautiful. There was quite a crowd to see them, but not too bad that we felt like we were in a line. That was nice. We walked Christine to Times Square, said our goodbyes and hugged. It was a good day (despite the Munchkins!).

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