The Mind's I

No no no
Don't pass me over
No no no
Don't pass me by
See, I can see
Good things for you and I
-- BoDeans "Good Things"

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October 17, 1998
Another new beginning

It was a new beginning for not just me. Mike and I had planned on going to New York to game today, at the Compleat Strategist on 33rd (or was it 31st? I've forgotten). I didn't feel like it today, plus my parents are having the house appraised tomorrow and they needed me to clean my room up. So, I decided not to go with him. He seemed very upset by that (reminder: make it up to him!) but I really needed time to myself and to do some sleeping. I have been getting very little sleep lately... I ended up doing some arranging in the room and I hope to finish it tomorrow morning before I leave for apple picking.

Mike said that he had a great time at the meeting, playing Fluxx and several other small games. He said there was one other femina, but she wasn't his type at all. The group was small and had very few munchkins in it. The owner of the place bought pizza for all of them (which was a rare treat) and he had a great time getting to know people. He has told me that I am going next time with him. I told him that I would comply with his demands. <grin> It looks like a good start and beginning for Mike. I'm very happy about this. He needs to get out more and make new friends other than myself. A social circle. I'm very happy that I've been meeting people like Dori and Christine. I miss Tori immensely and I have been feeling really lonely recently. Mike is wonderful company, but he's a companion and my BEST friend, but I need just friends too. I want to go clubbing someday and Mike would never do that with me.

So, I didn't clean my room much today (sorry, ma), what did I do instead? Well, I decided that this was a good a time as any to finish my design for the Ripchords' website. You can check it out if you like. Email me and tell me what you think. Criticism is completely encouraged and desired! I liked pictures of the sky and wanted to keep with a "blue" motif that the previous website had. I find myself being influenced by the general layout of the new Mind's I website and I incorporated that into the Ripchords' website. Mike liked it! This is always a good sign. I like the rollover, although I couldn't come up with a better style for the mouseOver image. I mused over what the second level site design should look like and I think I got pretty close to what I wanted. I've got some more fine-tuning to do (like including ALT tags).

I want to see the new movie, Pleasantville. It's going to be in the theaters in Friday. It stars the used car salesman from Fargo and the movie starts in black and white and moves slowly towards color. It looks so interesting and cool. I like the idea that people should n't be afraid to risk things in order to experience life. That to better one's self, you have to be willing to be hurt and lose. Atleast, that is what William Macy says the movie is about. He says that the first time he cries, he cries in color. Wow. I can imagine the scene in my mind and it is so strong emotionally that it gives me chills.

I've Aibeen thinking of getting a cutting. Maybe in November or December. I've wanted to get a tattoo for a while now, but I know Mike won't be accepting of that. So, I'm thinking I might start with a cutting. Of what? Of what I want for a tattoo! Ai. The chinese character you can see to the left. It's my nickname from when I was younger and in high school. Mark (the exbf I talked about yesterday) called me Ai after Video Girl Ai, an anime character that acted like Cupid but ended up falling in love with the leading male character. I wonder if a cutting can be done of it.

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