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February saw my obsession of all things Japanese creep in.

I made a washi box.

My sister turns 18.

I think about death row and my chubbiness.

I got the chunk project that kept me busy most of the end of the month.

February 1999
One -- Life is Beautiful Good
Three -- Colors from a Japanese Painting Image intensive!
Four -- Pirates of Silicon Valley
Six -- She's legal, baby! Semi-image intensive
Seven -- Let them eat cake Image intensive
Eight -- The Pre-Game Show
Ten -- Death Row
Twelve -- On True Love
Thirteen -- Off to war
Fourteen -- Going up when Mike gets me his version of the day
Seventeen -- Yogurt Commercials and Lots of Lovin'
Twenty three -- Lust
Twenty five -- Love, Love Changes Everything
Twenty six -- Happiness is a Warm Gun
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