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A new site design came about mid-October, including a picture an entry!.

I got pierced and met Keith, Dori, and Christine.

Mike and I went apple picking and up to Bear Mountain.

Christine and I went wild on Halloween's Eve.

October 1998
Fifteen -- A new beginning
Sixteen -- What's love got to do with it?
Seventeen -- Another new beginning
Eighteen -- An apple a day... Warning: image intensive!
Nineteen -- She's a bleeder! Warning: image intensive!
Twenty -- The Westing Game
Twenty two -- Hair today, gone tomorrow.
Twenty three -- Today in the news...
Twenty five -- Fall back, spring forward! Warning: image galore!
Twenty seven -- Breathe out
Twenty nine -- I'm walking after you.
Foo Fighter The Colour and the Shape review.
Thirty -- Girl's Night Out Warning: image intensive!
Thirty one -- Happy Samhain!
Metajournals Article -- Interconnected lives...
The Skinny -- The who, what, where, and why.
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