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January was an extremely busy month for me...

so not too many entries and they are all very disconnected.

January 1999
Two -- Everything Changes...
Metajournals Article -- Interconnected lives...
Four -- Meta...
Four -- Part Two
32 Flavors -- January Collab
Six -- Third time's a charm
Seven -- On Display January Collab Image intensive
Eight -- Praise for a peer
Nine -- The Bard is My Muse
Thirteen -- The Beast Within
Eighteen -- Ugh.
Nineteen -- Hark! Er.. Harp!
Twenty one -- A taxi, a room, two memories, some hair, a professor, a planet, and me Image Intensive!
Twenty two -- O oysters, come and walk with us! Image intensive!
The Skinny -- The who, what, where, and why.
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