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November was a terribly busy month for me, so it wasn't until the end of the month that I was able to update it.. and dangit, it's still not done. <sigh>

I got to meet many wonderful people: Rebekah and Andria and Bert and Amy.

I went to the Philly r.a.b. munch and got to meet other fellow RABbits. I love being part of the body modification community!

I beat Mike at bowling.

Thanksgiving at home was an experience.

November 1998
Two -- The Oxford English Dictionary
Four -- I want my.. I want my.. I want my TV!
Five -- Sleeping Beauty
Six -- Being a Social Butterfly Image intensive!
Seven -- Books, books and more books The Professor and the Madman review
Eight -- How many do you have? Image intensive!
Nine -- Don't Marry Her
Eleven -- Raw Meat
Twelve -- I, Door. Neverwhere review
Fourteen -- Sex and Bowling
Sixteen -- Preserved Critics & Leonids
Seventeen -- Flesh as Canvas Image intensive!
Eighteen -- Metaphor for Life
Twenty -- Dreaming and Death
Twenty one -- Fluxx, Fluxx, Baby!
Twenty three -- Domain Names, Romance, and Patch Adams
Twenty five -- There goes my hero, he's ordinary
Twenty six -- Hey, it's Turkey!
Twenty seven -- Ashokan Farewell
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