We all have stories. Some of mine are here.

I'd love to hear your Blair Witch stories.

Feel free to contribute a story. The only requirement are that they are personal narratives. Journal or diary entries are highly desirable and are less than 1200 words, if possible.

Send your contribution with a title, your name, URL (if you have one), and a short biography to


First Impressions Are The Most Important by eRic/freestate

Interminable Ramble by Chris Robertson

Stroke of Luck Into the Unknown: Part I by Dave Horvath

Stroke of Luck Into the Unknown: Part II by Dave Horvath

Mainstream Horror by Tariq Abdal-Haqq

Untitled by Jenny Krochmal

Knowledge is a bullet by camorgan

That Scream by Kristin "Averah" Thomas

i got burned by Pamela Ribon of Squishy

blair which? by Pamela Ribon of Squishy

Yes Virginia, There is a Blair Witch... by Zach Garland.

Troika, Part I by Steve Sutton
Prelude: A Unique Place in Time

Troika, Part II by Steve Sutton
The Impact of ‘The Blair Witch Project’ on A 33-Year-Old Family Man

Troika, Part III by Steve Sutton

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