Stroke of Luck Into the Unknown
Part I

by Dave Horvath

About 3 weeks ago, I was listening to my local radio station and they had a contest for the 99th caller to contact them and receive tickets to a concert. Grabbing my cellular phone, I tried their number furiously until I heard that magical ringing sound that could only mean one thing. I got through. The DJ on the other end had informed me that I was, in fact, the correct caller and I had won the tickets. He then said, as a bonus, we are going to send you out tickets to go see the premier of The Blair Witch Project. My excitement over the concert was eclipsing the fact that I had won a pair of tickets to a show, event, or movie that I had never heard of. I didn't know what it could have been, but I graciously accepted them. A few days passed and I had a flash come into my head of just the words Blair Witch. Growing up in the DC metro area, I all of the sudden remembered an old urban legend about something along those lines. (Burkettsville is only about an hour away from me) Immediately, I was on the Internet tracking down information about this "project". The first thing I came accross was that infamous trailer you spoke of. Watching it, I was instantly compelled to find out all I could about this, and low and behold, underneath was a tiny little link the said "click here". I was taken to, where I spent hours combing every inch of that site and immersing myself in this truely compelling story of these poor striving filmmakers and their mysterious disapperance. The next few days were filled we me telling everyone I know about this "true" accurrance in Maryland about this old witch legend and the movie that documents it. With my conceit, I told everyone with pride that I had advanced tickets to see this enigma, with hopes of raising jealousy among the less fortunate to have to wait until the 16th to finally get to see it. Since then I, of course, have stumbled upon other things that have shown me that the entire thing is fabricated, but even that has not stopped me from wanting to see this movie and feel the fright that was portrayed in the unforgetable trailer. So, tonight, July 14th, I will be sitting in a theater in DC with the priveledged few watching The Blair Witch Project, and coming out shaking.

Dave presently takes residence in the Northern Virginia area surrounding the Washington DC metropolitain.

© Copyright 1999 Eileene Coscolluela