Mainstream Horror
by Tariq Abdal-Haqq

I was siked. I was going to embark on one of the most exsiting things that I have done in a good long time. I rarley go to see horror movies alone. And even more so, I rarley go see independent films by myself. And even though I encountered trouble with the pubbic transportation system of DC I made it to the one theater in the DC area that was playing this movie of movies, and with only about 5 minutes to spare. As I sat down, missing half of the previews I love so much, I was read to get the holy b'Jesus scared out of me. And the b'Jesus I did get scared out of me indeed. It was one of the most suspenseful and horrifying things I had seen in a while. I so I thought, I would ever see. But that all changed in a few hours.

Pop and Sis somehow convinced me to attend The Wild Wild West with them that very night. Now that hunk of crap scared the b'Jesus out of me. And for days I couldn't get that damn song out of my head. It was like a non-stop music box in my head. Day and Night, Night and Day, it was the Wild Wild West. But alast after days, it was over.

It was three days for the anniversary of the Fresh Price of Bel-Air's last episode. And I awoke at 2am to the sounds of "Wika-Wika-Wild! Wika-Wika-Wika-Wild-Wild!" And for the next 2 nights that sound got louder and louder with each flicker of my eyelids. And I awoke on the day of the anniversary at 5am to an eight hour tape of Fresh Prince episodes playing in my VCR and "Big Wille Style" playing on my CD player, at its highest volume. I was scared. I leaped out my bed to see that all of my 25 plus videos had been recored over with episodes of Fresh Price on them and all 100 plus of my CDs vanished from thier cases and in their place was 100 plus copies of........ Big Wille Style.

Tariq is 17, a DC public high school student student who hopes to be a journalist/writer one day. He lives only 20 minutes (walking distance) away from Montgomery College and fear the powers that be.

© Copyright 1999 Eileene Coscolluela