by Jenny Krochmal

Heather screams....her camera falls to the floor....and as squeeze my fingernails into the sides of my arms, the screen goes black. Nobody moved or spoke for at least 6.5 seconds, at which point the entire audience gave out a collective whoosh of breath. As I sat there, trying to find the proper words to express what I was thinking, I realized that I was thinking about all of you. I wondered what JJ, who has waited so long to see this film, would be feeling at the end of the journey. I thought that even David Wong could perhaps be rendered speechless by the ending (now that's truly frightening). I thought about Camorgan, Carson, and TexasJen, and how their devotion to the film led them to strip for tickets. I smiled as I thought of the NYC gang crowded outside the theatre, anxiously waiting to see where the next cry of "Tell me where you are, Josh!" would come from.

Every once in a while, something comes along to fill up a little hole in your life. Maybe you've just lost a friend, lover, pet, been fired, or just had a crummy day. To others, it may seem unimportant, even foolish; but for the time it is there, it provides you with a little happiness and love. That's what you guys have been to me. So as the film ended, and people began to share the experience with one another, I felt like you guys were right there with me, sharing in the experience with me. I love you guys *sniff*

Jenny is better known on the haxan board as lil_mjk. She's 19, currently living in Atlanta, Ga, and is attending a 2-year college to get her 101's in cheap before she blows a whole lotta money on real school....

© Copyright 1999 Eileene Coscolluela