I am an avid reader of online journals. One day, I stumbled upon this entry in Fresh Hell, an online journal kept by Kim.

Since I recently started watching movies more frequently, I was eager to see this new one by the description Kim had on her site. It's been a while since I've seen a horror film (the past few years, I've been entertaining myself with Science Fiction films and classics) and it sounded like a good one.

I am also a keeper of an online journal. I love recording the events of my life, trying to capture the fleeting emotions and events that get lost in the fog of the past.

I started keeping track of all the major events in my newest Blair Witch obsession. The day I discovered the entry and spent the entire evening combing the web for information on it. The time I found Heather's Journal and poured over her words. The time I reserved the hotel room to see the premiere. Buying the tickets.

This will be their permanent home.

My Blair Witch journal.

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