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Notions and sundries

This afternoon, I went to see Kim B and showed her how to cast off while watching the theatrical version of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. She picked it up pretty quickly. We even started her new hat. Seed stitch! In the round! Fun!

Another trek into the city. This time, I got to get more knitting fun!

* I got the brown and white hats back. My cast-off was way too tight (although I really tried to keep it loose); I need to redo them with a much larger needle.
* I got an uber-cute baby sweater that I need to get snaps and sew them in.
* I got a swatch of sweater that I need to buy a matching button. Hot pink. Whee!

I also got a really great sewing lesson and I think I've got all the knowledge I need to finish the bag.

On my way home, I stopped by Treasure Island, Michael's, and the Rag Shop in search for the proper notions. Other than snaps, I found nothing good. Rats.

I finished the red bag, except for the lining which I still need to purchase (tomorrow!). You can kind of tell which handle end I did first and which I did last: the quality difference is noticable. I also unravelled the brown hat and I casted off with US15s instead of US10.5s. I think it's nice and loose now. I've been instructed not to weave in the ends until the hats get the ok.

I haven't started with the Union Jack sweater yet. No instructions.


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