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December 16, 1998

The Kinderhook Chorus
From left to right: Mike (my hunny!), Stephen, Stephen's date, (no idea who is in the background), Linda, Sarah, Moi, Karen (VP of the company and an amazing woman) and Jose.

Kinderhook Reindeer
Me, Joe (as Rudolph), and Linda as reindeer. Jose as Santa. Notice, how I am clutching at my horns...

Rudolph, baby!
Joe as Rudolph, Sarah, me, and Linda. Iko is still clutching her horns... Otherwise, they would fall off.

Iko Getting Funky!
Here I am getting down and getting funky. It's a bad picture of me, but definitely shows that I can have fun dancing. I'm mugging a bit for the camera.

© Copyright 1998, Eileene Coscolluela