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November 8, 1998
Christine Big!

Here's Christine in front of the NJ visitor's center. Unfortunately, you can't see any metal, but you can tell she's definitely flashing and she's definitely in New Jersey. <grin>

Christine Big Part II!

Here's another pic of Christine a bit closer up. I think I was off today because the photographs aren't really clear. Rats. And it also isn't kosher that the quality of digital images aren't as good as regular photographs. I'm looking forward to see the images that Rebekah took with a real camera.

Jamie & Jene

Here's a photograph of Jamie and Jene. They are such a cute couple, aren't they?

Christine Big PART TOI!

Christine flashes in Port Authority. I think this image is priceless and will be the cause of laughter for me for a long long time.

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