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Sockapalooza 4 Socks... done!

I completed my Sockapalooza 4 socks for my pal on Monday. Now they are washed, blocked, and ready to roll!

This is the package I sent to my pal.

The Sock Package
I thought the yellow and green ribbon would go well with the wine colored Colinette Jitterbug that I picked out for my Sockapalooza pal. She said that she primarily liked greens and blues and I tried finding a colorway that really spoke to me that had both, but nothing really turned me on. I initially purchased some Lorna's Shepherd Sock in Watercolor and knit a full sock using "Merino Lace Socks" from Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave, but I decided that the pink/mauve in the colorway just jumped out too much. So, I poked around some more and I spotted the Colinette. I pondered getting either the forest green semi-solid Jitterbug or the jewely-blue Jitterbug but my sock pal said she was getting into "wines", so wine it was! Over the summer, I've came to accept my love of violets/purples and I thought I'd pass on some of that love. Hee hee. It is gorgeous. Colinette is so sprongy, it's amazing. I've got left-over yarn, so I plan on making some footsies for me with the remainder.

Gorgeous detail of the waving lace!
I used the cover pattern, "Waving Lace Socks" by Evelyn A. Clark, from Favorite Socks. Sooooo pretty! The pattern is easy to memorize for a 8 stitch, 20 row repeat. I need to make myself a pair.

Stitch Markers
Green Stitch Markers
I also thought I'd put in a few stitch markers for my pal. These I made with peridot and chinese nephrite and pearly seed beads.

Blue Stitch Markers
These were made with some silvery-metal (no idea what metal it is), freshwater pearls, and blue seed beads.

I can't wait to get my socks from my sock pal. I enjoyed this so much that I joined another sock swap last week. I wonder what I will knit next! *rubs hands together like a mad scientist/knitter*


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