December 2, 1998
Vol. 3: Tree vs. Forest

Last week, I picked up the play "Harold and Maude". I've seen the movie (a favorite cult-classic of mine). The play is wonderfully written and there was a few lines in the play that made me pause and think.

MAUDE: ...What about you, Harold? What flower would you like to be?

HAROLD: I don't know. I'm just an ordinary person. Maybe one of those. (He points to the bouquet she is holding.)

MAUDE: Why do you say that?

HAROLD: I guess because they're all the same.

MAUDE: Oh, but they're not. Look here. See. Some are smaller, some are fatter, some grow to the left, some to the right, some even have some petals missing -- all kinds of observable differences, and we haven't even touched the biochemical. You know, to me they're just like the Japanese. At first you think they all look alike, but after you get to knwo them, you see there is not a repeat in the bunch. Each person is different, never existed before and never to exist again. Just like this flower... (she picks one out and shows it to him) An individual!

HAROLD: Well, we may be individuals, all right, but we have to grow up together.

MAUDE: That's very true. Still, I believe that much of this world's sorrow comes from people who know they are this... (showing him the flower) ... yet let themselves be treated as that. (She sadly holds up the bouquet of flowers in her other hand and turns with tears in her eyes to Harold.)

What do you think much of this world's sorrow comes from?


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