November 25, 1998
Vol. 2: The Hero With a Thousand Faces

I've always been a big fan of Star Wars. I've seen the movies, read the books, savored the toys... and yes, I was one of the masses of people drooling with the new Star Wars trailer. I'm looking forward to May 21, 1999.

Right now there is an exhibit at the Smithsonian called "Star Wars: The Magic of Myth". It explores how Star Wars was inspired by Joseph Campbell's story of the "hero's journey" presented in his book Hero With a Thousand Faces. Luke Skywalker follows the path of many myths from different cultures.

George Lucas talked about creating the film because of a need for a "modern hero". A hero for our times. I think he was very successful in that. Luke Skywalker has come to represent a modern-day myth. We all recognize that the story is fictional, but there is something about him that inspires people as well as being a reflection of our time.

Lots of people are called heros these days. Just turn on the news and you can hear about the "local hero". They won't stand the test of time that heros like Hercules or Robin Hood or Sinbad. They don't have the qualities that, according to Campbell, make them a "hero". What are the qualities that you use to define an individual as a hero?


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