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My family

My sister. The poet. Ella snap. snap. snap. The artist. snap. snap. snap. faint music plays in the background... you think that it must be Radiohead, but you're not quite sure She's a senior in high school and thinks she wants to go into English/Writing. At Wesleyan (an all girl school), probably. FEAR. She's got more creative talent that I do, although my technical talent makes up for that. You should visit her website if you'd like more information on her. She claims I'm too "logical" sometimes and a good match for Mike.

I've been told that I'm a lot like my father. Here's a photograph that really reflects his nature. PapaThere aren't very many good photographs of my father because he's the one that takes all the good pictures and tends to have constant hold of the camera. We're similar in many ways. He's a data processing manager and in charge of running computers. I'm working as a programmer. He knows tons about hardware... it's nice to know that I do know more about the web and web-based technologies than he does. It's one of the few things that I know more than he does. Mike makes fun of the way my dad and I will get wrapped up with the computer and not heed my mother's calls for dinner. He saw the picture that I'm posting. He's asked me not to reveal his name to protect the innocent.

My mother. She's pretty cool in many ways. Mama She reminds me a lot of Martha Stewart (someone that my mom and I both like watching). She's very clean... almost obsessive about it. Our house is practically dust-free. She's the ultimate professional and mother. She works hard as a group leader in the analytical chemistry department of a pharmecutical company. Then she comes home and cooks for all of us and washes our clothes (and irons my underwear if I'm not paying attention!). She's a real-life Wonder Woman. She loves travelling and wants to spend her retired years going around the world.


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