[woolgathering] Iko's Photographs

My father loves taking photographs and he always has excellent composition when it comes to them. I wish that I had inherited some of his talent. Most of the great photographs of me are taken by my father. I try to take photographs of my life and special times, but I sometimes tend to get swept away in what is going on around me to actively remember to take pictures. Most of my photographs accompany my online journal. This is the resting place for the other images.

Pictures of my family. They aren't of a specific time... and the time that they were taken has long since been forgotten by me. Some pictures are older than others.

Images of me. A website is definitely vain. A page devoted to images of me must be the pinnacle of vanity.

An exploration of the local cemetary has lead to "Scenes from a Cemetary" (1 Jan 99 and 17 Jan 99).

The commute home is the focus of "42nd Street, East to West" (11 Feb 99).

Some of the pictures here are of a specific event...

Moving out of Urbana-Champaign and transporting Mike to the east coast on May 20th, 1998.

Mike's parents visit us in New York/New Jersey on July 17th, 1998.

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