The Mind's I

December 31, 1998

Iko & Miguelito
Iko & Miguelito (a.k.a. Eileene and Mike) snuggling on the last day of the year. Disgusting, isn't it?

Mike and I still have the glow and affection of a newly-dating couple. I find that amazing. I always get bored with my partners, always fall out of affection with them. This man has me smitten. I'm still that bashful 18 year old that he met on campus and took out to a great chinese dinner. Sometimes, I wear the pants in the relationship, but sometimes he does too. We're partners. Equals. He's my best friend too. Don't we look like best friends?

Tito Jun and Tita Edith
Tito Jun and TIta Edith getting cozy.. er.. kinda.. on our love seat

The reclining form...

Straight out of Felicity...

Work it, girl!

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