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Shelly's Set

I don't know who Shelly is. I don't even know how she found The Mind's I, but she wrote me an email message saying that she read my journal and really liked the graphics. She asked me what I charged for web graphics and if I could come up with some sort of trademark symbol for her.. something simple with her name and a dolphin.

Well, that really inspired me and I thought to make her a set for all her kind and wonderful words.


The font in the title image and in the labels is "Nuptial". The text is black with links a deep sea blue (#000099), visited links are a steel gray color (#999999), and active links are a autumn yellow (#999900).


Button In her email message, Shelly wanted a trademark symbol. So, I decided to give her something small that could be placed in many different places.
Button I thought it was a little plain, so I dressed it up with three-dimensionality.
Button Then I made it white. A bit plain, isn't it? But it does appeal to my minimalist sensabilities.

If you can think of any other variations that would be interesting, let me know.


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