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Manuscript Set

This is my set for the week of January 31st, 1999. It is inspired by a copyright-free photograph that I received from a friend of an open book with a set of spectacles on it. I took portions of the image and created this set.

The central motif for this set is a the beautiful sea-green paper from the book and the ornate font, reminiscent of the old handwritten bibles. This was my first attempt to make a background graphic that would tile. Alas, I am unsuccessful. I have to learn how to do that properly. There is no icon to accompany this set. The words in the title are from a rhyme from Stephen King's It.

He thrusts his fists
Against the post
And still insists
He sees the ghost


The font in the title image and in the labels is "Manuscript" (32 pt). The text is black with links a sea green (#669966), visited links are a dirt brown (#663300), and active links are a autumn yellow (#999900).


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Images from Iko

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