February 1999 Images from Iko

February 1999 Set

This is my first graphics set. It was originally inspired as the graphics set for The Mighty Kymm. As a matter of fact, the background is the same and I utilized the same original photoshop PSD files with some slight adjustments. I'm starting to create graphic sets because I was greatly inspired by Moyra. I'm not sure if I can pump out a new set every week, but I will create sets when the muse strikes.

The central motif for this set is a beautiful new age-style heart. This is repeated in the Queen of Hearts card in the title and in the icons and separation bar.


The font in the title image is "Cathedral" and for the labels, it is "Tuscarora" (28 pt). The text is black with links a ruby red (#990000), visited links are a light grey (#999999), and active links are a pleasant purple (#330066).


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Please email me and let me know if you utilize my graphics. I'd love to get to know you better.

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Images from Iko

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