Theme: the ghosts in my head : an exploration of a life of multiple selves.

Imagery: multiple shadows/ghosts and (missing) time.

  1. Early
    1. the ghost who saw snow (fred, the dog self)
    2. the imaginary cat
    3. the fortress under the bed
    4. dissociation and trauma

  2. Middle
    1. the yo-yo syndrome and life between 2 houses
    2. learning to make up for lost time / explaining the gaps
    3. lies I didn't know I was telling (the $20 bill)
    4. learning that I was different (my thoughts vs other peoples)
    5. the importance of names

  3. Transition
    1. healing and the continuum of dissociation
    2. befriending myselves
    3. the risk of trusting others with names / the risk of vulnerability
    4. the integration dilemma (death)
    5. letting go of a childhood

  4. Late
    1. life beyond multiplicity / life within multiplicity
    2. allowing myself to be wounded and well
    3. learning not to dissociate in the present
    4. embracing all of who I am



Flower and Willow