Title: Lost & Found

Description: an exploration of a daughter's relationship with an absent father

Visual aspect still undetermined -- possibly puzzle pieces?

(I have something in mind but it's dependent on the visual theme)

Section I: Life before Bill (0-7 years)

  • Bedtime story / Frank leaving
  • Move to NJ; living with Malcolm and Ethel
  • Malcolm as first father-figure (?)
  • Beginning school, first friends -- first realization that other children have fathers
Section II: Becoming a "normal" family (8-12 years)
  • Earliest memories of Bill -- presents, puppy, redwoods
  • Kristen's birth, first house -- living the cliche
  • Beginnings of distance ("real" vs. step daughter)
  • "Dad"/Bill -- Kristen starts to talk
Section III: The Letter (approx 12-13)
  • Letter / answer
  • Mom's reaction
  • Poss. attempts to write to Brooke?
Section IV: Friends' fathers (14-18)
  • Poss. early friends in here? Lela/Sarah?
  • Sara?
  • Anna -- perfect cliche family
  • lies about Ed / were they lies?
  • Jay -- abusive absent father
  • thunderstorm talks
  • expresing anger: starting to heal
  • breaking into his father's house
  • Distance becomes complete uninvolvement
Section V: Learning to Let Go (18-now)
  • Application questions I couldn't answer
  • Beginning to let go -- graduation, moving away, etc.
  • First real relationship
  • Realizing full extent of trust issues
  • Starting to get past anger
  • Feeling unlove-able; effect on relationship
  • No more contact attempts
  • Relationship with Bill?
Stopping the search for him, to find myself. Not the conclusion I wanted to reach -- didn't find him, haven't found myself yet -- where to go from here? Am I any stronger for having done the searching? Will I ever start the search again? If he ever chose to reach out, would I answer? Have to think about this.

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