TITLE: A Doll's House

  • Description: An examination of the loss of 'self', both clinically and personally.
  • "I did not lose myself all at once...." Amy Tan
SECTION I: Entrance
  • an overview of the problem/issue
  • "Are we nothing more than a cumulative sum of our experiences?"
  • the chasm between who I used to be and who I am now
  • the definition of self
  • genetics and a timeline
SECTION II: Main Hallway
  • The catalysts of change
  • "I knew who I was once. I fought to hold on."
  • childhood fears and wants
  • warzone: Norfolk
  • when I grow up, I want to be a....
  • "Thirteen seems to be a turning point."
SECTION III: Living Room
  • the media
  • "I went into the 80's with a child's heart, and a woman's body..."
  • the effect of the Mtv generation
  • admiration of the feminine "ideal"
SECTION IV: The bath
  • how awareness and body image changes over time
  • "At once, I was aware that these changes gave me a power I didn't have before."
  • pressures to act your age
  • comparing me to you
  • differences emerge between the made-up self and the core
SECTION V: The Study
  • what school really teaches the girls today
  • "How could these gangly, gawky, dyed-blonde shells possibly know me to comment?"
  • Rumors, lies, and things unsaid
  • expectations vs. needs
  • "If I am what they say I am, then how could I have been so wrong all this time?"
  • what we lock away
  • "Inside, I guess I always knew I wasn't going to fit in...."
  • "I played with dolls at home, and wore the expected leather to class."
  • "It's not right -- being smarter than the boys you're trying to impress."
  • a conscious choice to fit in.
SECTION VII: The Kitchen
  • The perfect wife/mother complex
  • "If I could only bake more, keep the house clean, hold on to the shards...."
  • giving away the rest of the power.
  • suppression of talents
SECTION VIII: The Basement
  • Boxes full of authenticity
  • "Behind a set of miniblinds, I found the pictures that proved I was happy once..."
  • finding the clues
  • making the first, hesitant steps
SECTION IX: The Garden Gate
  • breaking free
  • "Expectations don't mean as much when you know who you are."
  • a move backward to go forward
  • letting go, forgiving, and moving on

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