1. Introduction - why I'm writing about this subject
    1. Search for self
    2. Feeling good about my Self now that I've found it
  2. Defining terms
    1. Introversion
    2. Shyness
    3. Extraversion
  3. The way I thought I was supposed to be v. the way I really am
    1. Shoulds and parental and societal pressure to behave in certain ways (often conflicting!)
    2. Reality intruding in the form of my actual personality.
    3. Guilt over not meeting perceived expectations; attempts to change
    4. Integrating all of this crap into healthy adOLthood.
  4. The private side of me
    1. What I do when I'm alone do much
    2. Why I like it that way
    3. The down side
  5. The social side of me
    1. What I do in social gatherings
    2. Why I like it that way
    3. The down side
  6. Introversion's role in different aspects of the way my life is going
    1. Relationships/family
    2. Career
    3. Social/political
    4. Spiritual/religious
    5. Recreation/entertainment
  7. Uplifting ending
    1. I'm very happy with the way my life is going, and the people I'm connecting with.
    2. Introversion is the correct state of being for me, not a failure



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